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MCU Version of X-Men Could Have Two Love Triangles

Published Sun May 31 2020 By Eden
MCU Version of X-Men Could Have Two Love Triangles

The MCU version of X-Men could be different in several ways.

It would be safe to assume the romantic triangle between Jean Gray, Cyclops and Wolverine was one of the least compelling elements of the initial X-Men series.

Audiences unaware with the comic book tradition of the protagonists were undoubtedly curious why it was a rivalry, considering James Marsden's Scott Summers was one of the poorest and least engaging characters in the series, and Hugh Jackman's Logan was obviously the compelling and charming focal point of the whole franchise.

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By the time we came to The Last Stand, Cyclops had clearly been destroyed by a little fanfare in the first failed effort to change the Phoenix Saga as the emphasis turned completely to Jean and Logan. For those who feel the complex relationship between the three X-Men had never been done right the first time around, or for others who figured the entire thing was a complete waste of screen time, it seems like we will see the love triangle again as Marvel Studios actually gets around to their much awaited remake.

The recent reports suggest Marvel is actually preparing to incorporate the dynamic bond between Jean, Cyclops and Wolverine as one of the key plot guiding factors of their approach to the X-Men. But that's not all of it.

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Yeah, it's not only going to be the one love triangle in development, because we've already learned the studio is digging further into the comic book lore and contemplating adding Emma Frost into the equation as well, despite the past she already shares with Cyclops, which suggests that we might end up with two romantic entanglements for the price of one as part of the MCU 's X-Men: Jean-Cyclops-Wolverine and Emma Frost-Cyclops-Jean.

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Although getting four main protagonists embroiled in two separate yet similarly difficult romantic involvement would have to be cautiously treated in order to prevent misunderstanding as it would definitely be a deviation from the standard.

So far in the MCU, characters seem to have a simple romantic interest who stays an important part of their plot all the way, and having it a lot more complex both humanizes the X-Men in question and provides something special that we've never seen in any of the dozen Fox movies in the past.

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