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Charlize Theron Could be Joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Published Sun May 24 2020 By Eden
Charlize Theron Could be Joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Charlize Theron is in line to join the MCU.

After the successful premiere of 'Venom' featuring Tom Hardy, the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters is going along at full pace with the production of numerous films and spinoffs. As per new reports, the untitled Marvel project, scheduled for release in 2021, would include Madame Web.

At the moment, everybody is curious whether Sony's film slate is going to join up with the broader Marvel Cinematic Universe. Given the new Morbius trailer and Michael Keaton's minor appearance as Vulture, both the Mouse House and Sony are heading towards a potential crossover. That's not all. There's even a prospect of a Spider-Man vs. Venom film.

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But what of the other Spider-Man-related characters? Well, as Variety recently announced, the "Secret Marvel movie" that Sony is currently producing has found its director, in the form of S.J. Clarkson, who previously helmed 'Jessica Jones' and 'The Defenders.' What's more, the publication claims that the upcoming movie would be focused on Madame Web.

No writers have stepped forward as of yet, but the studio is searching for an A-list actress followed by the recruitment of a writer to "develop a film around them." Both Charlize Theron and Amy Adams are searching for a part, but none of them is holding talks with the company so far.

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While it's obviously too early to know whether such rumors are true, the fact that Madame Web's name has come up numerous times in the gossip mill in the last few months makes her a highly probable contender for Sony and Marvel's next live-action production.

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Amy Adams is already a part of the DCEU, so we're hopeful Charlize Theron could be the new member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to portray the mysterious character of Madame Web.

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