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Who is Babyface Wife in 2021? Here's What You Should Know

Published Thu Mar 18 2021 By Tashipalmo
Who is Babyface Wife in 2021? Here's What You Should Know

Who is Babyface Wife in 2021? Find The Complete Detail Here! 

Hailed as one of the founding fathers of modern US R&B, Babyface was born as Kenneth Brian Edmonds on April 10, 1959, in Indianapolis, Indiana. Practically tagged a legend in Hollywood, Babyface has experienced no less success in his career than other legends. 

Kenneth graduated from North Central High School and was mostly raised by his mother alone as his father passed away when he was in 8th standard, a tragedy that pushed him to try harder in life.  

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Kenneth's accomplishment in Hollywood is deemed highest and hence well-known but the singer wasn't blessed the same in his personal life, keep scrolling for more details on Kenneth's life.

Who Is Babyface's Wife? 

Babyface is currently married to his third wife, an actress named Niko Panternburg. The duo reportedly met in 2017, when Niko was a back-up dancer to pop sensation Janet Jackson.  


Babyface with family

Babyface is a 12-times Grammy winner singer and currently married to actress Nico Panternburg. Photo Source: Alamy 

The pair dated for a while and in 2008, welcomed their daughter Peyton Nicole Edmonds into the world.7 years in a romantic relationship and a daughter later, the couple tied the knot on May 17, 2014, and are going strong as per sources.  

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Niko Panternburg was born on May 10,1973 in San Dimas,California.She is an actress and dancer. Niko started small in showbiz by being a back-up dancer to her friend Janet Jackson and later made her way in the films. 

She is best known for her movies like "Longshot", "Chasing Papi" and a few more. But the actress has laid low ever since her marriage with Babyface. 

Babyface's Previous Marriages 

The 12-times Grammy winner has suffered two rocky marriages previously and even publicly expressed his grief over it, Babyface first wife is known to be a civilian named Denise, no further information on her is available except that their marriage soon ended when the singer met Tracey Edmonds in 1990  when she was auditioning for his music video "Whip Appeals".  

Babyface with ex-wife Tracey

Babyface was previously married to Tracey Edmonds for 13 years and has two sons from the marriage. 
Photo Source: Pinterest

Babyface got married to Tracey in 1992 and had two kids named Dylan and Brandon. Their marriage was going well and the duo was hailed among the A-list couple in Hollywood. But after 13 years in marriage, Tracey filed for divorce in 2005 citing irreconcilable differences. 

Not even a year after their divorce, Tracey got married to Eddie Murphy in 2006, in what is called the most dramatic marriage in the history of Hollywood as Kenneth soon sat on an interview with Oprah Winfrey and talked his heart out about what he thought about his ex-wife's tying knot so soon.  

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A hurt Kenneth reportedly told that he was never in love with Tracey and their marriage was only perfect from the outside.  

Babyface Tested Positive For Covid19 With Family 

Babyface had revealed on his 62nd birthday in 2020 that he had tested positive for the virus. The singer on his Instagram had expressed how grateful he was to be able to celebrate another birthday.  

A young babyface

 Babyface calls coronavirus a scary thing and urges fans to stay indoors. 
Photo Source: Albumism

The singer himself along with his all family had come out positive and thankfully were able to come out of it. Further, the veteran artist described it as a scary experience and urged his followers to stay home. 

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