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Things You Should Know About The Belarusian Opposition Figure Maria Kolesnikova

Published Tue Sep 08 2020 By Kenshinpark
Things You Should Know About The Belarusian Opposition Figure Maria Kolesnikova

Here's everything you should know about the Belarusian opposition figure Maria Kolesnikova; her biography, abduction from the street of Minsk, and many more.

Maria Kolesnikova (born Maria Alexeyevna Kolesnikova) is a Belarusian musician and politician. Maria serves as a member of the presidium of the Coordination Council formed during the 2020 Belarusian Protests.

The protest Maria led was in opposition to the rule of Alexander Lukashenko, a politician who is serving as president of Belarus since the establishment of the office on July 20, 1994. 

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Politics can be really twisting sometimes; the recent development in the story suggested Maria went missing shortly after she was seen on the street of Minsk. Here's the report.

Maria Kolesnikova Went Missing from the Street of Minsk

The political scenario is really heating up in Belarus at the moment. As you already know who Alexander is, and also know who Maria is, here's what happened.

Kolesnikova was one of three women, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya (who started the campaign), Veronica Tsepkalo, and Kolesnikova, to join forces to challenge incumbent Alexander Lukashenko in August's presidential election.

opposition leaders Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, Veronica Tsepkalo, and Maria Kolesnikova.

Belarusian opposition leaders; from left Tsikhanouskaya, Veronica Tsepkalo, and Maria Kolesnikova.
Photo Source: Sky News

The opposition alleged Lukashenko of vote-rigging, and the campaign led to protests. Following a fourth consecutive weekend of anti-government protests, more than 600 were arrested on Sunday 6, September 2020, in the capital city Minsk.

Furthermore, it was reported that at least four people have died and hundreds were injured as the authorities tried to quell dissent.

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Maria was one of those many who was part of the protest, but on Monday, September 7, Kolesnikova went missing from the crowd. Some eyewitnesses told the local news outlet that they saw some masked men snatched Maria's mobile phone and pushed her into a minibus.

Maria Kolesnikova was Later Detained at Ukraine Border

Following the reports of Maria Kolesnikova missing surfaced, Germany and Britain demanded answers over Kolesnikova's whereabouts. Even the Europian Union also led calls for Belarus to release more than 600 people immediately.

Belarusian authorities claimed Maria Kolesnikova is detained at Belarus borders.
Photo Source: Financial Times

After all-round pressure, the Belarusian authorities claimed Maria passed through the Alexandrovka border crossing point at 4 am. But the state media later claimed Kolesnikova has been detained at the border.

Further news is yet to come from the authorities and local media.

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