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Bella Hadid and her Boyfriend Marc Kalman Enjoyed a Romantic Date

Published Tue Feb 22 2022 By Tashipalmo
Bella Hadid and her Boyfriend Marc Kalman Enjoyed a Romantic Date

Bella Hadid and Marc Kalman pictured on a romantic date: Complete story here!  

Supermodel Bella Hadid and her boyfriend, director Marc Kalman are still going strong, and the couple's recent date in New York City just proved that. Hadid, 25, grabbed some go-to lunch at Bubby's on Sunday afternoon and then spent some time strolling around the city hand-in-hand.  

Both Hadid and Kalman rocked a pair of black sunglasses and were pictured in cool street-style outfits. The supermodel revealed her romance with Kalman last year in July. Posting a picture of herself cuddled uptight with the director, Gigi Hadid's little sister captioned, "Time of my life, Healthy, Working and Loved." Although the two debuted as a couple last year, sources say Bella and Marc have been romancing for way long.   

Bella Hadid is dating Marc Kalman.

"Hadid and Marc hid their relationship for a long time," sources revealed.  
Photo Source: Instagram

"They hid it well," the source said, adding, "If they went out, he would come out first, get the car, and then she would get into the car. They would drive to a location, and he'd drop her off but not get out and go park the car." The source further shares how the couple initially remained cautious and diligent about their relationship  

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Bella's boyfriend Kalman is an art director and has worked with the Kardashians. Marc served as an art director to Kylie Jenner's boyfriend, Travis Scott, and Hadid. Kalman keeps a low-profile status, with only over 3k followers on Instagram, but he has reportedly designed album artworks for many celebrities.   

 Hadid debuted her romance with Kalman last year in June. Source: E! News

Bella's budding romance with Kalman comes after her years-long on and off affair with Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, who professionally goes by The Weeknd. Hadid and the Canadian singer started dating in early 2015. The pair split briefly in November 2016, after which The Weeknd started dating Selena Gomez. Hadid and Tesfaye reconciled in 2018 and called quits for good in 2019.  

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