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Emily Andre Kept her Pregnancy a Secret From her Husband and Family

Published Tue Feb 22 2022 By Tashipalmo
Emily Andre Kept her Pregnancy a Secret From her Husband and Family

Emily Andre reveals why she kept her family in the dark about her pregnancy: Complete story here!  

Emily Andre, an NHS doctor and a proud mom of two, revealed she kept her first pregnancy a secret from her family and her husband, pop star Peter Andre, with whom she shares daughter Amelia, 8, and son Theo, 5. Andrew revealed the unexpected news in her recent column in OK. The Dr shares she got pregnant at 24 and feared her family's reaction to her pregnancy at that age.  

"I don't think any of my friends guessed I was pregnant, and I managed to keep everyone in the dark until it was the right time to tell them," Emily shares. She adds, "I think maybe no one guessed with me because I was pretty young when I got pregnant with Millie, so no one was expecting it. Emily's revelation comes days after her husband openly pondered on the hardships of parenthood.   

Emily Andre is married to Peter Andre.

Emily kept the pregnancy a secret for as long as she could. Photo Source: Instagram

Andre, 48, reveals that he and Emily don't Emily's have any extra help with childcare and are raising their kids on their own, even if that means they are deeply buried in their work. The Mysterious Girl singer shares how their children's precedence over their professional lives has allowed them to manage things. Andre shares two more children, Junior Andre, 16, and Princess Andre, 14, with his ex-wife, Katie Price, 43.  

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Emily says the intention behind her pregnancy revelation is to break the stigma around young mums. "We need to support young mums. I was 24 when I had Millie, which I still count as quite young. That was hard at times, too. It's challenging," the NHS doctor adds. Peter and Emily tied the knots on 11 July 2015.   

Andre shares two more children with his ex-wife Katie Price. Source: OK Magazine

The English singer and the NHS doctor have been categorically careful about hiding their children's identities from the media. The couple has openly addressed their fears and possible outcomes if their kids' faces are revealed. "Emily's point is that they weren't born into the media, no one has ever seen their faces so she doesn't really want anyone to see their faces," said Andre. He adds, "So when they go to school no one can really recognize them at that."  

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