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Who is Ben Schnetzer's Wife? Learn About His Married Life Here

Published Sun Jul 04 2021 By Tashipalmo
Who is Ben Schnetzer's Wife? Learn About His Married Life Here

Exclusive: Is Ben Schnetzer Married or Dating? Dive into his Love Life Here! 

Ben Schnetzer, the New York-born actor, had a good start with Pride, The Book Thief, and the ABC series Happy Town. But for Schnetzer, his first commercial breakout role was opposite Nick Jonas in The Goat. Born to veteran stars Stephen Schnetzer and Nancy Synder, Ben admits he has been lucky in life.   

Mostly known for playing dark roles, Schnetzer has scored the biggest role of his career recently. He is set to play the last man on earth in the upcoming thriller Y: The Last Man. Ben has been subsequently excelling in his craft, but how is love treating him in real life? Ahead is Schnetzer's off-screen love life.     

Is Ben Schnetzer Married? 

Schnetzer's spot-on portrayal of Mark Ashton in the LGBTQ movie Pride may have had some doubting the actor's sexuality. But truth to be told, Ben is straight and very much in love. He is not married in 2021, but he has been in a committed relationship for quite some time.  

Ben Schnetzer is a New -York born actor.

 Schnetzer and Hewitt started dating back in 2018 and are still going strong.
Photo Source: Out Magazine

Schnetzer's prolonged relationship with his girlfriend, Kate Hewitt, is a known fact among his ardent fans. Yet surprisingly, their relationship hasn't caused any buzz till now. We can't say if Ben's rookie stature is to blame for it or his unforthcoming attitude.   

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The duo's few appreciation posts for each other have, thankfully, allowed fans a little insight into their relationship. A while back, on valentine's day, Ben posted a picture of Hewitt with the caption, "Thank you for making each valentine's day special. #ThatsAmore."  

Who is Schnetzer's Girlfriend, Kate Hewitt?  

Kate Hewitt is an aspiring theatre and TV director. Although Hewitt's profession doesn't guarantee individual promotion, she has deliberately steered away from the limelight, too, despite being involved in big projects. Hewitt's most recent project was BBC's TV series, Life.   

Ben Schnetzer is dating Kate Hewitt.

 "Thank you being the sweetest person in navigating a year of new territory," writes Hewitt.
Photo source: Instagram

She directed the drama series along with Ben Gosling Fuller, and it stars Alison Steadman, Peter Davison. Hewitt is also a part of Young Vic theatre, where she has been contributing as an artistic associate. Hewitt and Ben have been dating since 2018.    

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She posted a picture of Schnetzer on February 8 to commemorate his 31st birthday. Kate writes, "Happy birthday, beautiful Ben, thank you for being the sweetest partner in navigating a year of new territory. Happy birthday, treasured human." Ben and Hewitt certainly have a lot in common.   

Ben Schnetzer to star in Y: The Last Man.

There have been rumors of Ben and Kate being engaged, but it is a baseless rumor for now.
Photo Source: Nylon

The couple spent their lockdown together, hiking on the rocky hills of California and jaunting in the snowfall of Massachusetts. There have been rumors of the couple being engaged secretly. But it is only a baseless rumor for now. Ben currently awaits his upcoming Y: The Last Man, releasing in September on Hulu.  

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