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Who is Lashana Lynch's Husband? Learn About Her Married Life Here

Published Sun Jun 13 2021 By Tashipalmo
Who is Lashana Lynch's Husband? Learn About Her Married Life Here

 A courtly Rosaline Capulet in the ABC period drama series, Still Star-Crossed, and the resilient Maria Rambeau in Captain Marvel, soon to play the unparalleled deadly Nomi in the forthcoming Bond series No Time to Die, Lashana Lynch's versatility as an actress certainly knows no bound.  

Born to Jamaican immigrants in London, England, Lynch holds a degree in acting from the Arts Educational School in London. From debuting on the silver screen with the poorly rated drama film Fast Girls, Lynch has come a long way, appearing in a few best hits. In the historic moment of her career, everything about Lynch's life has become a hot topic.  

Is Lashana Lynch Married To a Husband? Or is Lashana Lesbian?

Lashana Lynch has kept it candid and tended to her fans' curiosity since she scored big in Captain Marvel and became a sensational figure overnight. But Lynch's selective secrecy around her love life has many questioning if the Brit actress is a lesbian. We've got a clue that hints maybe not.    

Lashana Lynch is an English actress.
Lashana Lynch becomes the first female/black female James Bond. 
Photo Source: Vogue

Lashana hasn't commented on her love life; the best guess so far is Damola Adelaja. According to Hollywood Magazine, the duo dated for a while. Both Lynch and Damola have kept their adoration for each other candid on Instagram but also ambiguous. 

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The five feet seven inches tall actress, Lashana, keeps her love life far from the media's reach. Similarly, after leading the movie The Woman King, Lynch cemented her career as an actress. Yes, she loves sharing about her career on social media. However, the British actress remains coy about sharing her relationships with her fans.

Were Damola Adelaja and Lynch Married?

Adelaja is an actor, director, and graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art; some of his best credits are Y Syrcas, Fela / Sidy, and Rag Tag. Damola posted a picture of himself with Lynch in 2019 with the caption "Date night." A rumor suggested that the couple was married secretly.    

Lashana Lynch to star opposite Daniel Craig.
Lynch, dating Damola Adelaja or already engaged? 
Photo Source: Distractify

Fans, needless to say, are in awe of the duo on their Instagram, but sources say they are only dating as of now. Being in a formative stage of their career, they don't want anything to wreck it, reads a source. Hence, Lynch's official status stands unmarried as of now.

Lynch's Projects!   

Lashana continues to land leading roles in big projects. Apart from her superhyped Bond's 25th series, opposite Daniel Craig, released on 8 October 2021, her Ear For Eye, a Debbie Tucker Green-directorial release, is also around the corner.    

Lashana Lynch lands a role in Netflix Matilda.
Lynch to star alongside Emma Thompson and Alisha Weir in Netflix Matilda.
Photo Source: Celebs Podium

Thanks to Lashana's few big hits in the last few years, her net worth has also shot up at a meteoric rate, but extreme criticism and abuse have also come along with the fame for the first Bond girl. Lynch, however, assertively responded to haters and clarified she isn't one to take the trolls.   

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A recent report also said that Lashana is set to star in the Netflix feature adaptation of the musical Matilda. She has officially joined the cast with Emma Thompson and Alisha Weir. Based on Roald Dahl's classic, it will be directed by Matthew Warchus. However, there's no confirmed release date for the movie.  

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