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Who is Margaret Qualley's Boyfriend? Learn About Her Relationship Status Here

Published Sat Jun 05 2021 By Tashipalmo
Who is Margaret Qualley's Boyfriend? Learn About Her Relationship Status Here

Is Margaret Qualley Dating a 'Transformer' Actor? Exclusive Details of Her Romantic Life Here!    

Born to the renowned actress and model Andie MacDowell, Margaret Qualley is halfway on her career, becoming even a bigger star than her mother. Best known from miniseries Fosse/Verdon and films like Death Note and The Leftovers, Margaret is also an accomplished model.  

Kalispell, Montana-born, Qualley was a supporting character in Quentin Tarantino's blockbuster Once Upon a Time In Hollywood. She currently awaits the prestigious Quebec Cinema Awards, in which she is nominated for Best Actress for her role in the 2020 movie My Salinger Year. Having dated some familiar faces of Hollywood in the past, the actress is currently in the news because of her troubled relationship with a fellow actor. Find more on Qualley's love life ahead. 

Who is Margaret Qualley's Boyfriend? 

Since her debut in the 2013 movie Palo Alto, in which her force as a promising upcoming star was realized, the actress has been under the media's constant tab, because of which her most romances wasn't a latent story. Qualley has dated several high profilers and some not so in the history of her relationship. Still, her link with the notorious Transformers star Shia LaBeouf was a shock in 2020.  

Margaret Qualley is an actress and model.

Watch Qualley and LaBeouf's sizzling chemistry in MV 'Love Me Like You Hate Me.'
Photo Source: Grazia

Actor and filmmaker LaBeouf, undoubtedly a talented and acclaimed artist with several accolades in his name, but his personal life has always stood in complete contrast to his esteemed career. The Lawless actor has been involved in the weirdest shenanigans over the years and is now being accused of abuses by his ex-girlfriends.   

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Shea's ex and singer FKA twigs filed a lawsuit against LaBeouf in December, citing verbal and physical abuse. Twigs' statements were supported by many, including Olivia Wilde, who described Shea's demeanor on the set, off-putting. The actor was given the Hall Of Shame award by the Alliance of Women Film Journalist recently and now has taken hiatus from work in shame. 

Margaret Qualley was dating Shea LeBeouf.

Margaret will star opposite Robert Pattinson in the upcoming "The Star at Noon."
Photo Source: Celebrity Age Info

Qualley's sister Rainey Qualley's music video, Love Me Like You Hate Me, was all it took for them to become Hollywood's next buzzing couple. Qualley and Shia were spotted making out at LAX airport in mid-December and were pictured a few more times during their PDA-packed dates. But as hoped and anticipated by many, Qualley and Shea's romance was short-lived; the actress dumped Shea in January and has been channeling the energy on her upcoming film The Star at Noon, opposite Robert Pattinson. 

Qualley's Past Relationships! 

Qualley's fans opined she could do better than Shea. Before this ill-famed romance, Qualley's taste in men wasn't this bad. In fact, she dated some best-known faces. In 2012, she dated her co-star Nat Wolff, which ended amicably in 2014. Everyone knew of her romantic link with director Cary Fukunaga in 2017, but the couple barely gave any statements confirming their relationship.   

Margaret Qualley to star opposite Robert Pattinson.

Qualley and Cara Delevingne were a thing in 2019.
Photo Source: Elite Daily

Next in line for the gorgeous actress was Arianda Grande's ex-fiance, Pete Davidson. The affair lasted only a couple of months, but it was big given it started only months later his break-up with the 7 ring singer. U.S Weekly reported they've opted to remain friends. However, Margaret, who is otherwise perceived as candid regarding her love life, didn't keep it easygoing when her name was linked with Cara Delevingne in 2020.   

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The duo was pictured numerous times in what looked like a romantic outing. In addition, Delevinge posted a cute picture of themselves, captioned, "I'm not cute, you are @margaretqualley," which almost proved the rumors right, but the duo didn't give an official nod to their supposed relationship.  

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