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Who is Daryl McCormack's Girlfriend? Learn About His Current Relationship Status

Published Sun Jun 06 2021 By Tashipalmo
Who is Daryl McCormack's Girlfriend? Learn About His Current Relationship Status

Who is Daryl McCormack Dating in 2021? Complete Details of His Relationships Here!  

"I binge-watched the fourth season at home on my laptop. The next time I saw the show, I was in it, and I was having a massive imposter syndrome," said Daryl McCormack after being cast in the British period drama Peaky Blinders season 5 alongside stars like Cillian Murphy and Sam Neil. McCormack previously played an Irish terrorist named Brendan in Martin McDonagh's gruesome comedy The Lieutenant of Inishmore.  

A native of County Tipperary, Ireland, Daryl is a bigger star than his demure words suggests. A graduate of the Gaiety School of Acting, McCormack is one of a few who have won the coveted role in Amazon Prime's The Wheel Of The Time. While his acting career is still in the process of becoming, we can all agree on the green-eyed actor's reputation as the new heartthrob for countless. Below you'll find details of McCormack's romances and career since becoming a public figure.   

Who is Daryl McCormack Dating? Is McCormack Married?   

Daryl McCormack became a household name after his role in the Peaky Blinders. Yet, after his fame hit the actor, Daryl became more reserved and shared less about himself with his fans. Such a topic would be his relationship; McCormack loves his privacy, so the Irish actor keeps his love life away from the world.

Daryl McCormack is an Irish actor.
McCormack and India Mullen, still a thing or failed ship from the past?
Photo Source: Screen Rant

Having starred only in a handful of American films and series so far, the Irish actor knows better how being outspoken about one's romantic life can put his career at risk at the beginning of stardom. Hence, the Peaky Blinders star has kept mum on any other topic that could hinder his blossoming career.   

Although most of the reports on the actor have portrayed his romantic life with a clean slate, some even doubting his sexuality, we may have a piece of news that can prove otherwise. A fellow Gaiety School graduate, actress India Mullen, and McCormack have reportedly dated in the recent past. 

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Daryl and his alleged ex-girlfriend, Mullen, stayed hush-hush on their love life. The chances that they could still be a thing can't be completely ruled out. India is best known for her role in the Irish TV series Red Rock. So Mullen and McCormack have a lot in common, seemingly. But one thing's a sure shot, Daryl isn't married yet.

Daryl McCormack appearing in The Wheel of the Time.
Best known from Peaky Blinders, McCormack was a star on 'The Fair City,' the most-watched soap opera in Ireland.
Photo Source: Independent

Like Mullen, Daryl first rose to fame in his native with the Irish soap opera Fair City, which is the most-watched soap opera in Ireland to date. Also, Mullen's notability in Hollywood came from her recurring role in Hulu's Normal People, just as Daryl's came from Peaky Blinders

Daryl McCormack Spotted with Emma Thompson!   

Another indicator that McCormack is going to make it big; the actor was recently spotted with Academy Award-winning actress Emma Thompson, 62, in Norwich. But before you jump to a conclusion, this isn't some illicit love affair, but it will be in their upcoming comedy-drama Good Luck to you, Leo Grande.  

Daryl McCormack and Emma Thompson to star together in Sophie Hyde's upcoming.
McCormack will star opposite Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson in 'Good Luck to you Leo Grande.'
Photo Source: Screen Daily

Sophie Hyde's directorial combined with the finest performers and produced by Genesius pictures; we already know it will be a massive hit. A coming-of-age comedy film, the story will follow the life of Nancy Stokes (Thompson), a 55 years old widow who will hire a young sex worker, Leo Grande (McCormack), to fill her yearning for human connection and some mischief.   

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The drama's filming began on March 8, and the production was wrapped up on April 20, and it will reportedly hit the theatre late this year. Another McCormack's upcoming that you probably don't want to miss; is the epic fantasy The Wheel of the Time, also expected to premiere late this year.  

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