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Best Nail Arts Ever Made in The Modeling Industry

Published Mon Dec 24 2018 By Arina
Best Nail Arts Ever Made in The Modeling Industry

We are used to seeing the models without nails polish in the runway and the fashion shows. However, in recent years, the designers have realized nail arts could become a part of the overall look and the trend has been changed.

Recently, from the runway to the main street, nail arts is turning into the emerging decorative form to embrace the personality.

There are creative nail artists all over the world with amazing nail arts of their own. So, today we are enlisting the top nail arts ever done in the modeling industry.

5. Helmut Lang Manicure

SOURCE: Pinterest

Logos on the nails are trending over the past years. Helmut Lang Logo is seen in the backstage of Helmut Lang.

4. Adeam Fashion Week Manicure

SOURCE: Fashionista

The fake nails are covered with all dazzling jewels at the Adeam Fashion Week. This can provide the best look for the special occasions.

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3. Disney's Villain Nail Art 

SOURCE: Harpers Bazaar

The New York fashion show displays the manicure nail coated with the Disney Villain manicure. It shows the three-dimensional version of the nails.

2. Tommy Hilfiger Manicure 

SOURCE: Nailsmag

From the inspiration of signature design elements like Tommy Hilfiger’s flag, Alicia Torello has created the modern touch in KITH's Spring/summer 2019 show.

1. Versace Manicure 

SOURCE: Nailsmag

This is another inspirational graphics Greek key pattern in the KITH's Spring/summer 2019 show. This art is painted just past the center of the nail towards the tip.

Lots of runways have shown louder perfection of the manicure. Although there are many nostalgic manicures, these are definitely the most beautiful ones which are standing out in the modeling industry.