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Camelia Kath: Unveiling the Life and Love of Terry Kath's Actress Wife

Published Tue Dec 19 2023 By Bsgurung
Camelia Kath: Unveiling the Life and Love of Terry Kath's Actress Wife

Camelia Kath, known for her marriages to guitarist Terry Kath of Chicago and actor Kiefer Sutherland, has two daughters from those unions. Despite divorces, she appreciates her daughters' success in Hollywood. 

Currently married to English rock star Jeff Lynne, Kath, an actress, producer, and writer, achieved recognition for her connections to Hollywood luminaries. Her past relationships with Terry Kath and Kiefer Sutherland shaped her personal life, but she now embraces a new chapter with Lynne, finding fulfillment in family and career pursuits.

Camelia Kath Was Married to LEgendary Guitarist, Terry Kath

Camelia Kath gained fame through marriages, starting with legendary guitarist Terry Kath, an iconic figure in Chicago's music scene. Terry, a Chicago native, honed his musical skills from a young age and later formed the renowned band Chicago in the 70s. 

Terry Kath with wife, Camelia Kat
Image: Late singer, Terry Kath with his wife, Camelia Kath together. Source: Pini Mg

With members like Robert Lamm and Peter Cetera, the band achieved immense success, credited to Terry's exceptional guitar mastery and soulful vocals. 

Chicago released 13 albums, including "The Chicago Transit Authority" and "Chicago at the Carnegie Hall," earning praise from legends like Jimi Hendrix. Terry Kath's influential role defined the band's progressive jazz-rock sound, leaving a lasting impact on the music industry.

They Remained Together Until Terry Kath's Death 

Camelia Kath and Terry Kath met in 1972, swiftly dating and marrying in 1974. Their four-year marriage saw the birth of their daughter Michelle in 1976. Despite Terry's successful music career, touring commitments, and drug use challenges, Camelia remained supportive. 

Tragedy struck on January 23, 1978, when Terry accidentally shot himself during a target shooting session, unaware the gun was loaded. 

His death deeply affected Camelia and her loved ones. Though rumors suggested suicide, it was a tragic accident. After Terry's funeral, Camelia, devastated yet resilient, faced the difficult task of moving forward with her life.

Camelia Kath's Second Marriage With Kiefer Sutherland Ended in 1990

After the death of her first husband, Terry Kath, Camelia Kath focused on raising their daughter, Michelle, while pursuing her acting career. In 1986, during the filming of "The Killing Time," she met her second husband, actor Kiefer Sutherland. 

Known for his roles in films like "The Lost Boys" and the TV series "24," Sutherland and Camelia married in 1987, settling in Los Angeles. Despite initial happiness and the birth of daughter Sarah in 1988, marital issues arose. 

The couple divorced amicably in 1990, with Camelia gaining custody of Sarah. She played a central role in Sarah's upbringing while Kiefer continued his busy career, and the family navigated the complexities of their changed dynamics.

Camelia Kath is Currently Married to Jeff Lynne

Camelia Kath resides in Los Angeles with her current husband, English rock icon Jeff Lynne, known for co-founding Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) and producing hits for Paul McCartney and Bryan Adams

Lynne, with numerous awards, including the Ivor Novello Awards, began dating Camelia in 2008. They maintain a private relationship, rarely in the public eye. The couple, secretive about their romance, formally wed on September 19, 2017. 

They share a home in Los Angeles, owning multiple properties, including a sprawling Beverly Hills estate. This marks Camelia's third marriage and Lynne's third, following divorces from Rosemary McGrady and Sandi Kapelson.

Camelia Kath Kids and GrandKids

Camelia Kath is a proud grandmother of two grandchildren, courtesy of her daughter Michelle Kath Sinclair and son-in-law Adam Sinclair. Michelle and Adam, married since May 6, 2004, share a private life with their sons, Hamish (born February 2005) and Robert Quinn Sinclair

The couple met in 2001 in Hawaii during Adam's filming. Despite maintaining a low profile, Adam and his family, including Michelle and their two children, enjoy a joyous and private life together. Camelia's role as a grandmother adds a new dimension to her family's legacy.

Camelia Kath Movies and TV Shows

Camelia Kath, known for her diverse talents, began her acting career with roles in the horror film "Terror on Tour" (1980) and the 1982 movie "Fake Out." In 1987, she played a significant role in the thriller "The Killing Time," showcasing her acting prowess alongside Kiefer Sutherland. 

Beyond acting, Camelia explored production and writing, contributing to an episode of "The Nanny" in 1999 and serving as an executive assistant on 10 episodes. She also displayed her skills as a makeup artist in the 2012 documentary "Mr. Blue Sky:

The Story of Jeff Lynne & ELO," earning special thanks in the credits. Camelia's involvement in documentaries like "The Terry Kath Experience" and "Behind The Music" highlights her multifaceted contributions to the entertainment industry.

Camelia Kath's Net Worth in 2023

Camelia Kath, with a presumed net worth of over $2 million, accrued her wealth through her longstanding career in acting since the 1980s. 

Jeff Lynee wife
Image: Jeff Lynee with his wife, Camelia Kath at the award show. Source: Getty Images

Meanwhile, her fiancé, Jeff Lynne, a renowned singer-songwriter, boasts an impressive $100 million net worth, credited to his chart-topping singles. Camelia's son-in-law, Scottish actor Adam Sinclair, holds an estimated net value of $2 million

The family's combined financial success reflects their diverse contributions to the entertainment industry, with Lynne's significant achievements as a musician and Sinclair's success in acting.

Camelia Kath Age and Bio

Born on December 10, 1954, in West Hollywood, California, United States, Camelia Kath's original name is Camillia Emily Ortiz.

She has two siblings, although their names are not disclosed. Camelia is an American citizen and belongs to the white ethnicity.

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