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Who is Camille Cottin's Husband in 2021? Learn about 'Call My Agent' Star's Married Life!

Published Wed Aug 04 2021 By Jessica
Who is Camille Cottin's Husband in 2021? Learn about 'Call My Agent' Star's Married Life!

Camille Cottin's Relationship Status in 2021: All Details of Her Love Life Here! 

Camille Cottin is best known for starring in Killing Eve, Call My Agent and Mange. The French actress spent years doing theatres in France. She rose to fame playing the titular character in the 2013 series Connasse. Cottin gained legions of international fans playing Hélène in the 2020 thriller Killing Eve.  

The actress hails from an acclaimed familial background. Her mother is a prominent artist Gilles Cottin. Her great-grandfather was the writer and historian Paul Cottin. Born on 1 December 1978, in Paris, France, Cottin spent her teenage years in London. The Call My Agent's actress is married and with two children.  

Camille Cottin's Discreet Conjugal Life!   

Camille Cottin played a tough, rancorous gay in a French comedy-drama. Her character, Andréa Martel, cheats, parties wild, pursues nightstands, all while looking sharp and equipped to face any trouble. Camille's standout role had many presuming her real self as that of Martel's.   

Camille Cottin has been married for over 16 years.

 Cottin is married for over 16 years; she and her husband have two kids. 
Photo Source: Independent

"People thought I was this senseless b*tch," the Parisian told Irish Times. But Cottin's off-screen life is nothing like Andréa's. She is not brazen nor apathetic, let alone a cheater. The actress married an architect in 2005, and the couple has since kept a low profile.   

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In her interview with GQ France in 2013, the star allowed fans a sneak peek into her love life. Intel on Cottin's love life, before the interview, was pretty much nonexistent. When asked if she had anyone in her life. The actress dropped the bombshell news and revealed she is committed to an architect for 8-long years.   

Camille Cottin rose to international fame with Call My Agent.

 Camille says she is nothing like her ruthless characters. 
Photo Source: Elle

Cottin further revealed, she has a son named Leon. The couple welcomed their second child, a daughter named Anna, in 2015. As much as her bitchy roles brought her new insights, Cottin also suffered ridiculous hate for it. "I mean, I’m married, so I’m not out flirting every day," she told a publication, yet again debunking her perceived persona.  

Camille Cottin's Hollywood Debut and More!

Camille is already a known name in Hollywood when the Parisian only debuted in the industry last month. Tom McCarthy's directorial Stillwater hit the theatres on July 30, 2021. The crime-drama film is mostly receiving positive reviews from critics and audiences alike.   

Camille Cottin made her Hollywood debut with Stillwater.

 Cottin to star alongside Lady Gaga, Adam Driver in the 'House of Gucci.' 
Photo Source: Daily Mail

Director McCarthy cited the movie's plotline as inspiration from Amanda Knox's story, an American student wrongly imprisoned in Italy. She spent almost 4 years in an Italian prison before being acquitted. The film starred Matt Damon, Abigail Breslin, and Lilou Siauvaud.    

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Cottin's next project is perhaps the biggest in her career. The French actress is starring in the upcoming biographical drama House of Gucci. Set in 1995, the film depicts the events after the murder of the former head of Gucci fashion house, Maurizio Gucci. The crime drama also has Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, and Salma Hayek as its leading actors.

Meanwhile, it's revealed that co-star Lady Gaga would not want to interact with Cotton on the set of House of Gucci was released in 2021. Apparently, Gaga whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta would avoid speaking to Cottin while they were working on the filming set. But, Cottin stated that Gaga did in a 'lovely' way to focus on her character. 

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