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Cara Delevingne Talks About The New Fantasy World Of Amazon Prime Video's Carnival Row Which Is Set For Debut On 30 August 2019

Published Fri Aug 30 2019 By Travis
Cara Delevingne Talks About The New Fantasy World Of Amazon Prime Video's Carnival Row Which Is Set For Debut On 30 August 2019

Cara Delevingne talked about jumping into a new fantasy world with the new Amazon series Carnival Row.

Carnival Row is an attempt by Amazon to capture the scorned audience members who left the abysmal final season of Game of Thrones and are probably looking to sink their teeth into another such fantasy which goes beyond our own world. Carnival Row looks grimy, unpolished, and utterly heartbreaking of a series which shows the tendency of humans to destroy everything beautiful in the world.

The neo-noir series coming from Amazon is a look at the evil tendencies of human to exploit, which is new and turn them evil like themselves. The series is based on the unproduced film script of Travis Beacham who is also credited with writer’s credit on all the episodes of the first season of the series. 

Created by Rene Echevarria and Travis Beacham the series follows 'Rycroft Philostrate', a human detective in a Victorian fantasy world where he rekindles his former affair with a fairy in a world with contact with the creatures are forbidden. The two join forces to figure out who is committing a string of murders, which is putting the whole relationship between the fairies and the humankind at a breaking point.

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The series stars Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne as the detective and his former love and current partner by circumstance in the first season. Cara is no stranger to sci-fi fantasy movies, she starred as the 'Enchantress' in the horrible Suicide Squad movie, and she was also the star in the beautifully created movie 'Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets', which we recommend everyone sees, it was one of our favorite films last year. She knows the rigors of working in a big sci-fi production, and she doesn’t want just to do science fiction her whole life but this was a strong female role, and she couldn’t pass on it.

“I love fantasy and sci-fi, but I'm not the biggest fan,” Cara said. “I really don't have a favorite genre of movies. I love them all. It's interesting why fantasy has come into my life more. I suppose the reason behind all of these fantasy roles is the fact they have all been these incredibly strong female roles. I think in most real-life stories, women are not made to be so strong, but in the fantasy element they really are.”

Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne in Carnival Row.
Cara Delevingne is playing the character of Vignette in the new series Carnival Row.

Source: The Verge

In the series Cara’s character 'Vignette' is a broken character, someone who went through horrible ordeals in her life and saw her home burn to ashes (no spoiler, it is said in the trailer) and someone who still manages to pick herself up and doesn’t let the bitter world and experience seep inside her heart. This, in a sense is a new way for her to portray a character in a sci-fi movie, most of her earlier work in the genre was overly reliant on action and this was more of an emotional role with stories seemingly extrapolated from the real world and the series and the genre also allowed the actress to grow more into her character. We understand by watching the first episode of the show and the trailers for the series why Cara was attracted to play the broken yet “not tainted” character of Vignette.

“She's a realist,” the model turned actress explained. “With the amount of horrible things she has seen, she's not tainted. She still wants to see the best in people and trying to make things better, which is kind of crazy when you have lost all hope in the world. She had every reason to give up but still has these morals in her that to me are generational – that's just who faeries are.”

Vignette is a fairy who gets her home destroyed by the humans.

Source: IMDb

In the series as you can see, Cara is a fairy, and she uses her wings to fly, and the wings were not CGIed into her body in the post, she really needed to wear the wings. So, in order to practice for the role, Cara used a heavy backpack at home to better in tune herself to getting comfortable with the wings while filming.

“I want to be the female Tom Cruise and do all my own stunts,” Cara joked and continued with a smile. “That helps with this character because you fly in, you fly out. It's part of the energy of the character. I couldn't take the wings home and practice with them, so I just got backpacks and carried heavy books on my back to understand what it would be like to have wings all the time. Even her balance would not be normal.”

Rycroft and Vignette
Rycroft and Vignette are former love interest who are reunited.

Source: Empire

The actress even found the relationship between herself and the character to be a match, and she found parallels between the rejection and hate she got early in her career and the rejection of the world Vignette felt in the show. Cara feels her modeling job helped her with the role of Vignette; the fairy in the series is about going through rejection and still finding ways to move on with a thicker skin and a determination to get ahead. Cara’s earlier modeling career in a way shaped her perfectly for the role of Vignette, in a way, she could feel her pain and was the perfect person to bring her to love.

During the filming of the series Orlando and Cara needed to be on the same page and their romance needed to shine through it all in the bleak environment they both were thrown into. The two lead actors did form a great bond which is for all to see in the steamy romantic scene in the series.

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Carnival Row is currently available for streaming on Amazon so better get binging the short eight-episode season 1. Also, you don’t need to worry about the series being a one-off; Amazon already ordered Carnival Row season 2.