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Chace Crawford Is Likely To Remain Bald For The Second Season Of 'The Boys'

Published Fri Aug 16 2019 By Travis
Chace Crawford Is Likely To Remain Bald For The Second Season Of 'The Boys'

The Boys season 2 is coming and Chace Crawford seems to be sporting a bald look as through the next season.

The Boys was a reality check for our superhero obsessed pop culture. In this day and age, where superheroes rule every aspect of our lives, and the most significant movies at the theatre are superhero movies and TV shows are also following the path of their big brother. The Boys was a peculiar palate cleanser for our superhero obsessed reality, and we love it.

Anchored by solid performances by Antony Starr and many other cast members the show quickly rose to prominence and became the highest viewed series on Amazon. The thing about the show was there was this one particular character we just loved, not because he was a nice person, but because of the journey he started on in the series.

The character we are talking about is The Deep, which is, without a doubt, the most complex character of The Boys season one. Chase Crawford portrayed The Deep and all his imperfection perfectly with nuance and haunting portrayal of a flawed character.

The Deep went through a lot of change during the first ten episodes of The Boys, and by the finale of the first season, the character was broken, beaten and utterly in disarray. He cut all of his hair, and the final shot of The Deep was him looking in the mirror with his shaved head.

Watch: The Deep shaves his head in The Boys season finale

We saw Chace was sporting a full head of hair in photos posted in May, but after the series came out, we saw his head was sprouting little amount of hair, and we realized it was from the finale of the show. Now, in a photo posted seven days ago, he is displaying a shaved head for his 1.8 million Instagram followers.

According to many psychologists, when a depressed person suddenly shaves or cuts his/her hair, it is probably an early sign of suicidal tendencies. The last we saw of The Deep, he was depressed, anxious and out of sorts so maybe in the second season he is dealing with the same issues, and the shaved head is the first sign of The Deep going into depression.

We know The Boys season 2 is coming; Erik Kripke recently posted a photo of the cast with blood all over them six days ago. Around the same time Chace also cleans shaved his head, which means one thing, The Deep is going to be cleanly shaven in season two of the boys.

After the finale of season one, Chace is going to stay bald for the remainder of season two, and frankly, we love the look. The bald look makes him seem less of a bad guy and more of a broken and beaten character he was by the end.

There is no release date of The Boys season 2, but be on the lookout for the series to arrive sometime in late summer of 2020. If you want to sate your thirst of The Boys while the series is filming, then Chace Crawford and Antony Starr are two accounts on Instagram we recommend you follow.