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The Boys Season 2 Set Photo Puts The Main Team In Familiar Territory Covered In Blood

Published Tue Aug 13 2019 By Travis
The Boys Season 2 Set Photo Puts The Main Team In Familiar Territory Covered In Blood

Eric Kripke shared the first photo of The Boys season 2 and the gang is in familiar territory, covered in blood.

'The Boys' was the weirdest series to debut on a streaming platform, maybe on par with Netflix’s The OA. The Boys from Amazon provided a more cynical view, and some would say a more realistic view of the society if one day superheroes started showing up on earth.

Watch: The trailer for The Boys

Superheroes are not like they seem to be in the Marvel and DC movies, not everyone is going to being morally astute like 'Steve Rodgers', not everyone is going to restrain themselves when they get Superman-like powers. Superheroes, if they were real, probably won’t be like the ones shown in this bloody series but this and the Marvel and DC movies do provide two ends of a scale. And in our normal life where superhero entertainment is everywhere, this series was a refreshing little reality check and a significant change in pace for our superheroes obsessed pop culture.

The series made its debut on 26 July 2019, and within a span of two weeks the series went on to become the most-watched show on Amazon history. The popularity for the show rose exponentially, and it wasn’t just comic readers who made their way to Amazon for the show, it was everyone. For us, we finished the show in one sitting, which never happens, but The Boys got us hooked.

The Boys cast.
The Boys is the weirdest and the most fresh show to arrive on a streaming platform. (Source: nerdsandbeyond)

It felt like season one wrapped up too quickly but season two was already greenlit from the streaming giant before the first season even premiered. It goes to show how much faith Amazon put on the series, to renew it before the first season even came out. This all means fans won’t have to lay there waiting for confirmation and they can be ready for season 2 which will arrive pretty soon.

We knew season 2 started filming already but to commemorate the show’s success, the creator of the series Erik Kripke shared the first image from the show and it looks like they are not stopping their bloody action any time soon. In the photo, we see the superhero killing group together, and they are all covered in blood, buckets of blood. In the photo, the actors of the show Tomar Capon, Karen Fukuhara, Jack Quaid, and Laz Alonso are covered in blood and giving the camera the finger with Erik Kripke in the middle.

Spoiler in the next paragraph for the finale of The Boys!

The blood on the gang's clothes is unclear whose it really but it seems the gang is back blowing some supes ass again (literally!) One person of The Boys is missing in action though because Karl Urban is nowhere to be seen. Karl plays 'Billy Butcher' in the show, and he is taken to a house by 'Homelander' after he tries to blow himself and the superhero/villain up. Billy meets his thought to be dead wife and the illegitimate child she bore with Homelander who’s got the same power as the flying superhero/villain.

Homelander and Billy.
Billy and Homelander were on a collision course since the first episode of The Boys. (Source: Metro)

The show is shooting, but we are not expecting the new season to arrive before the summer of 2020. Even though the series is not here, we do expect the show’s creator to share some more behind the scene footage. This show is beyond huge and another good season will push this series beyond anything else on TV.

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Producing partner Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen are holding a juggernaut of a franchise on the palm of their hands, and Eric knows how to handle sprawling franchises, he was the showrunner of Supernatural for five seasons. The show was a unique experience, but now with the show climbing in popularity means there will be more scrutiny and more eyeballs on the show, all they need to do is not crumble under pressure (Easy, right?).