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Netflix is the subscription-based media service which hosts and produces shows and movies and as of April 2019, the subscription giant served more than 148 million paid subscribers and more than 158 million subscribers as a whole. Netflix started out as a DVD rental service which did business as a DVD retailer and rented DVD by mail. But after the DVD market started declining the company started their streaming service which allowed people to stream movies and TV show from licensed creators for a set amount of monthly subscription payment. In 2016, Netflix set the record for the most shows created by producing over 126 original content in that year. Netflix’s insistence on replacing other company content with their own resulted in the company going in more than $20 billion debt but the company’s CEO Reed Hastings said it was just the company standing on its own two feet and relying on themselves on content. Even with decreasing subscription Netflix still posted revenue of $15.794 billion in 2018. It seems the $20 billion gambits paid off…for now, because new competitors are coming and Netflix is in for a huge battle in 2020.