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Chi McBride Weight Loss - Complete Details Along with His Diet!

Published Tue Nov 26 2019 By Sea
Chi McBride Weight Loss - Complete Details Along with His Diet!

Chi McBride has been prolific in his action roles for a decade now, and not it's been quite the blessing for his body health as well. He looks much better than the days with 'Boston Public' in his early career years.

Since getting the role in 'Hawaii Five-0' in 2013, he's been able to reflect his time before 2009 as fruitful to his weight loss journey. During the time, his wife, Julissa Mcbride, has been very influential.

Chi McBride Lost 62 Lbs in Five Years Before Joining Hawaii Five-0 Due to a Doctor's Question

It was 2009. McBride was 48 years old. His doctors mocked him by asking, "Didn't you have enough pizza?" That was the moment that he decided he needed to change his way of life. He got various action roles like 'Winston' in 'Human Target', 'Don Owen' in 'Golden Boys' and 'Lou Grover' in the current 'Hawaii Five-0'.

Chi McBride in 'Hawaii Five-0' during a sting operation  with bullet-proof vest and gun.

Chi McBride has been in over 140 episodes of 'Hawaii Five-0' and counting.
Source: Hawaii Five-0, CBS

In five years, until he was cast on his infamous role, he lost around 62 lbs (28 kg). His secret doesn't lie in his weight, but majority in his action sequences in the series and movies.

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Aside from the live-action world, he also has voiced in several animation series involving a lot of action too. He voiced 'Nick Fury' in 'Avengers Assemble', 'Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.', 'Ultimate Spider-Man' and even in 'Phineas and Ferb'.

He Hopes to Be Remembered by His Loved Ones

It was one of the rare things he was questioned with. He insisted on not wanting to talk about it, because he feels that it wouldn't matter in 100 years. But he did answer that if remembering him is to be the case, he would want it to be "by the people who truly love and care for me".

Chi Mcbride with his wife Julissa McBride and a son in his left hand.

He will be survived by his wife and kids.
Source: Pinterest

In addition, he wants to be remembered by the man that he is to his wife and his three kids (only one with Julissa). It's all it ever matters. For him - "Everything else is bu*****t."

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