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Who was Cicely Tyson Husband? Some Facts You Should Know

Published Mon Dec 21 2020 By Bran
Who was Cicely Tyson Husband? Some Facts You Should Know

Know about Cicely Tyson's not so successful married life with his then-husband.

Cicely L. Tyson is the perfect example of an empowered woman s. The 96-year-old managed to build a strong portfolio as an actress and a fashion model in a very patriarchal society. With a successful career over seven decades, Tyson is probably one of the most successful African-American women in the showbiz industry, winning three Primetime Emmy Awards.

Cicely Tyson recently celebrated her 96th birthday, where some top television stars like Tyler Perry and Viola Davis gave their warm wishes. The introduction of Tyson would be incomplete without mentioning how the actress recently appeared in the super-hit ABC show, 'How To Get Away With Murder.' In her mid-nineties, Tyson would have loved a partner by her side. She was married multiple times, but the experiences were short-lived. Stay right here as we bring you the full story.

Cicely Tyson Divorced With Late Husband

Cicely Tyson poses a picture.

Cicely Tyson celebrated her 96th birthday in 2020.
Photo Source: Biography

While all of her global fans know the success Cicely Tyson enjoyed on a  professional level, her personal life didn't go as smooth as her plans. Cicely Tyson enjoyed the taste of love at the young age of 18 when she tied the knot with Kenneth Franklin. The love birds enjoyed their wedding ceremony on December 27, 1942, only for it to be dissolved later. 

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Following her initial break-up, Cicely Tyson fell in love again with renowned jazz trumpeter Miles Davis in the 1960s. However, her boyfriend was still married back then to his former dancer wife, Frances Davis. In an interview, Miles disclosed how he would marry Cicely once his divorce was finalized. Things didn't go as per their plans as the musical artist exchanged his vows with fellow singer, Betty Davis

Cicely Tyson and her ex-husband Miles Davis together.

Cicely Tyson and Miles Davis parted ways with a divorce in 1988.
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Although people assumed that the chapter between them was over, the romantic relationship between them reignited after a long time in 1978. This time, their relationship actually went on to the next mile since the love birds went successful in getting married in a beautiful ceremony on November 26, 1981. The wedding ceremony was conducted by Atlanta's mayor, Andrew Young, at the lavish house of actor Bill Cosby.

Cicely Tyson's Marriage  Went South In Nine Years

The married life of Cicely Tyson and her husband didn't end well despite the lavish wedding with high hopes. Within nine years, they parted ways, with reasoning how her partner, Davis, had a volatile temper and even infidelity. Tyson and her partner were together for almost a decade when they never welcomed any children.

Cicely Tyson poses a picture in an event.

Cicely Tyson is a three-time winner of The Primetime Emmy Awards.
Photo Source: Oprah Magazine

While they were together, Davis credited his wife, Cicely Tyson, for helping him to help with his cocaine addiction. The pair used to live in their lavish house in Malibu, California, before they parted ways with a divorce agreement in 1988. Tyson's financial situation became far more favorable, considering how she got many of her ex-husband's property. Her former spouse passed away in 1990, just two hours after their split-up.

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