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Cofense Released a New Product To Combat Phishing Attacks

Published Thu Mar 14 2019 By Andrew
Cofense Released a New Product To Combat Phishing Attacks

Confense came up with a new product to fight against Phishing attacks.

The leading provider of human-driven phishing defense solutions worldwide, Cofense,  announced their newest solution for protecting organizational assets from phishing attacks, vision.

Leesburg, Varginia–based cybersecurity startup Cofense, formerly known as PhishMe, made the announcement on March 13, 2019, through a press release. In fact, the software is soon to be available for organizations to use in order to identify and mitigate their risk against phishing attacks.

Cofense announces Vision in an attempt to fight Phishing attacks.


Vision's main intention is to aid in the reduction of the risk of phishing attacks greatly enabling security teams to quarantine unreported threats, the company maintained in a press release. Additionally, the security operations center and incident response teams shall be able to swiftly find and seclude phishing emails with the help of Vision.

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Aaron Higbee, Cofense CTO said in a statement,

“Vision quickly identifies all recipients of complex phishing attacks and, with a single click, quarantines to remove the threat from all mailboxes,” 

He added,

“Vision, either in combination with Triage or connected with existing SOC tooling, will deliver immense productivity gains for SOC and IR teams, so they can execute their jobs efficiently and better protect the company.”

In the digital age of today, malware delivered via emails is upwards of 92%. In fact, this results in organizations relying increasingly on their observant employees identifying and reporting suspicious emails as a last resort attempt to maintain cyber defense.

As of now, it is quite hard for security teams to manually analyze, find and address active threats among the thousands of potentially malicious emails reported by end-users multiple times a day.

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So, Cofense previously came up with Cofense Triage suite designed for phishing defense solution. In fact, it isolates phishing attacks to allow the user to respond to a wide cluster of emails with identical features in comparison to the previously used method of responding individually to single emails.

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Vision is now available for customer's use in integration with Cofense Triage 2.1.