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CoryxKenshin Net Worth - Find Out How Rich the YouTuber is

Published Sat May 02 2020 By Chester
CoryxKenshin Net Worth - Find Out How Rich the YouTuber is

Learn the net worth details of Youtuber Cory Williams aka CoryxKensin.

Many of you might recognize Cory Williams from his popular gaming channel CoryxKenshin where he often posts clips of his interesting gameplays, vines, roast, and other intriguing contents. 

Since Cory has entertained us with his fun-filled contents spending hours behind the desks, majority of fans seems to be anxious regarding the wealth the 27 years old made through his streaming career, so here we present you with all the details,

How Much is CoryxKensin Net Worth?

An inspiring self-made millionaire.

An inspiring self-made millionaire.
Image Source: Trendsmap

CoryxKensin net worth is estimated to be around $6 million. Yes, the sources behind his envying fortune is credited to his career as a gamer and income from YouTube

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Cory's every video contains least of million views and for that, we can assume that he surely made a good brass. To be precise below we've presented you with all the details of Cory earning from his YouTube.

CoryxKensin Income Source

Williams social blade income.

Williams's social blade income.
Image Source: Social Blade

Cory Williams runs an A grade YouTube channel. And as per sources from socialblade Williams's estimated earning is around $46k to $736k monthly which varies on his channel views.

Similarly his yearly earning is estimated to be around $552k to $1 million per year. He's been creating and running the channel since April 27, 2009, and running for eleven years now. However, we would not say the garnered the same amount of digits during his initial years, as the channel took some years to grow. 

On another view, the channel has over 6 millions subscribers as of 2020. Her channel has to grow 8000 new subs daily with 2.9 millions views daily.

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Which if we calculate with the YouTube pay rate which is $2 - $7 per thousand views gives us a sum of $11,000 per day and $4 million per year. Yeah, he's earning big from it. And his channel subscribers are also growing impressively day by day which means increment in his fortune.

CoryxKensin Merch

Williams merchandise collection.

Williams merchandise collection.
Image Source: Spreadshirt 

The millionaire star Cory also runs his own merch line where you can buy cool printed T-Shirts, hoodies, mugs, iPhone cases, and so forth.

The Internet star merch prices range from $18 to T-shirt, $12 phone case, and $33 for hoodies. So yeah its obvious his merch line is also adding good numbers to his net worth. So accounting all his income source, CoryxKenshin Net Worth is estimated to be around $6 million.

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