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'Counting on' Star Joy-Anna Duggar Revealed New Home Details

Published Mon Nov 18 2019 By Kenshinpark
'Counting on' Star Joy-Anna Duggar Revealed New Home Details

Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth and Austin Forsyth bought a new house in dirt-cheap price.

Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth of '90 Day Fiance' and her husband Austin Forsyth just bought a house from Anna's parents.

This new buy for sure was steal of a deal, as the couple purchased the property for $10 from none other than her parents, Jim Bob Duggar and Jim Duggar.

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And to add another one to the fun facts, the new property will make Joy-Anna her parents, neighbors. Recently, Joy-Anna and Austin revealed new home details, and it seems, the RV days for the couple is finally over.  

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The two are ready to move into a new home, which is perfect for their little family. The house is three bedrooms, three baths, and has an open floor plan. According to their social media updates, the couple is already hard at work doing some renovations. 

Given the fact Austin is pro at flipping business, the renovation part won't be that hard for them. By the look of it, the couple is going for a clean, modern design.

After the purchase, not only the couple but the fans are delighted too because Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin had a very rough year previously. 

This past year the couple struggled to deal with the loss of their second child after a miscarriage. However, things look a little on the better side for the family now.

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Joy-Anna, who is recovering from her miscarriage, also got a makeover. This suggests the couple certainly have moved on from their past and going on a right track.

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