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Courteney Cox Net Worth - The Complete Breakdown

Published Wed Apr 22 2020 By Christina
Courteney Cox Net Worth - The Complete Breakdown

 If we ever were to look at the history of actors and actresses earning a fortune from a series, the first name would indefinitely be 'Friends.' It's insane how much the actors made at that time, and even more, of an astonishing fact is that decades after its release, the cast is still getting paid. 

The hype was real when we found out that the cast of 'Friends' went as far as to break Guinness World Record for becoming the highest-paid TV actress of all time with $1 million per episode fee. The casts are none other than our much-loved stars, Jennifer AnnistonCourteney Cox, Lisa KudrowMatt LeBlancDavid Schwimmer, and Mathew Perry. So, today we look into finding the amazing net worth of one of the cast members, Courteney Cox, aka Monica Geller in the series. 

A Glimpse Towards The Starting Days of Courteney Cox

Little ol, Cox was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama by her parents, businessman Richard Lewis Cox and Courteney Copeland, now Courteney Bass. Yes, the same name people; this is the Cox family trend. Besides that, the actress shared three older siblings with sisters, Virginia, Dorothy, and Richard Jr. Although after a certain while, her mother divorced and remarried businessman Hunter Copeland which ironically comes to be the uncle of her love interest Ian Copeland.

Courteney Cox net worth: Courteney Cox's current love interest is Ian Copeland

Courteney Cox was engaged with fiance, Ian Copeland. They called off the engagement but still are together.
Photo Source: Superstars Bio

As for her education, Cox graduated from Mountain Brook High School and left for Mount Vernon College in Washington for a degree in architecture. However, by the gorgeous looks she inherited, it was no soon that she got offers from the entertainment industry and left her degree for a career in modeling and acting.

A Milestone in Courteney's Career, 'FRIENDS'

Before hitting the entertainment industry with her signature, 'I KNOW' dialogue as Monica in 'Friends,' Cox waltzed her way in the industry through appearing in music videos, small television roles, film roles, sitcoms, and many more. Her shining moment came when she auditioned for the very series her whole image is known upon. 

Courteney Cox net worth: Each of the casts of the series also gets $2 million royalties every year from the deal.

Each of the casts of the series also gets $2 million royalties every year from the deal.
Photo Source: Variety 

Although did you know, Cox actually auditioned as Rachel Green, which was Jennifer Aniston's role, but she was offered the job as Monica instead. Years later we all know just how far the series made its way in the industry, its still one of the most talked-about series. 

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Astonishingly 'Friends' always makes Warner Bros roughly $1 billion annually from all of its streaming rights. Each member of the 'Friends' cast received around $90 million just as base salary without their royalties counted.  

Courtney Cox Net Worth

Finally, coming to the main topic here, the actresses net worth collection. Who knew one show could make you a millionaire, the living legends for that matter are the friends cast. Amongst them, Courtney is the second richest member of the cast, with the net worth of a whopping, $150 million

Courteney Cox net worth: Courtney Cox was also seen playing, Gale Weathers in the hit horror series Scream.

Courtney Cox was also seen playing Gale Weathers in the hit horror series Scream.
Photo Source: Article Bio

The 55-year-old actress was, in fact, one of the highest-paid actress, from $22,500 per episode to $1 million. As for real estate, Courteney's a holder of multiple real estate like a $17.5 million home in Malibu, $33.5 million house near the Malibu beach and two condos in a luxury Sunset Strip tower in Beverly Hills worth $5 million

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