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Critics are Raving About 'The Irishman,' Oscar Buzz all over; See all the Reactions from NYFF

Published Sun Sep 29 2019 By Travis
Critics are Raving About 'The Irishman,' Oscar Buzz all over; See all the Reactions from NYFF

The critics are lauding and cheering the movie 'The Irishman' with some even declaring it to be the greatest movie in Scorsese's career!

If there were people in attendance who doubted the gangster movie-making prowess of Martin Scorsese then better stand up and apologize because the word is, this is another masterpiece from the legendary filmmaker. We love Martin and his movies, especially 'Taxi Driver' but 'The Goodfellas' is also one of the greatest films ever made which made people a little uneasy when the director was said to be getting back together with Pesci and De Niro to make another gangster movie.

Say what you will about 'Casino,' but it is still one of the best mob movies, yes, it is complicated and isn’t as fleshed out or glamorous as 'Goodfellas,' but there is no equal to the talent of Martin and his way of bringing the main story to the forefront. When The Irishman was announced and was said to be carrying a $100 million budget with Netflix footing the bill, people scoffed at the idea of a gangster movie costing so much and making a profit in this day and age.

The Irishman poster with all the leading men of the movie.
The Irishman is coming to the theatres on 1 November 2019 and the will be available for streaming on 27 November 2019.

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Netflix was said to getting the movie just as a showpiece to make the other studio notice they can produce vanity movies. Then the rumor was the movie was going to cost more than $150 million and people were anxious what type of movie Martin was making, well, now at the New York Film Festival where 'The Irishman' is premiering people got their first glimpse at the 209 minute magnum opus of Martin Scorsese, and some are saying this is the best movie in Martin’s career.

Imagine the statement for a second, now go and look at the directorial credits of Martin and taking in the gravity of those words, the greatest Scorsese flick ever. It is obvious most of the people are not going to feel the same, but there is still a heavy contingent of critics and fans who are calling this one of the best movies of this year and probably of Scorsese’s career.

Watch: The first trailer for the movie The Irishman coming this fall on Netflix

We are still to see the movie, but considering how much we love Martin and his combination with De Niro, there is no doubt in our mind we are going to love it. But here are some of the reactions about the movie, no reviews though considering Netflix only dropped the social media embargo and not the reviews.

The Irishman will be available to be viewed in theatres from 1 November 2019 with the film being available for streaming on Netflix from 27 November. The movie stars Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Al Pacino and is based on the memoir by Charles Brandt.

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