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Is Damian Hurley Rich? What is his Net Worth? All Details here

Published Wed Jun 29 2022 By sujan
Is Damian Hurley Rich? What is his Net Worth? All Details here

Know who Damian Hurley is? What's his net worth? And details regarding his parents are here in this article.

On April 4, 2002, Damian Hurley came into the world. He is a British-American model and actor who was born in London. His family hails from the United States. His most notable accomplishment is being Elizabeth Hurley's son. Additionally, he began his career as an actor in the year 2016. He played the role of Prince Hansel von Liechtenstein in "The Royals," which he was a part of. In September 2018, the modeling agency Tess Management became Damian's representative. Once more, he was given a brand-new show with the catchy title "My News Shall Be the Fruit to That Great Feast." 

Recently, he successfully landed a significant modeling job with Pat McGrath Labs. Additionally, his name at birth is Damian Charles Hurley, and he goes by that name professionally. Violet Chachki, Sonjdra Deluxe, and Zhengyang Zhang were a few of the models that Hurley collaborated with. In addition to that, they advertised the most recent makeup line, which was called Sublime Perfection the System. Now, a picture of Damian for the very first time is available. He was reminiscent of Elizabeth.

As the son of Elizabeth Hurley, Damian Hurley was immediately thrust into the spotlight and catapulted to stardom at a very young age. Many reporters refer to him as a celebrity child or someone renowned because he is the son of a star. In the following paragraphs of this post, we will discuss the facts about his family and net worth. Let's get started without any further delay or distraction.

Damian Hurley's Net Worth

As of 2022, Damian is expected to have a net worth of $500,000. In July of 2021, Damian's grandfather, Dr. Peter Bing, removed him from his father's trust, which was worth $180 million

As a result of the fact that Damian and his older half-sister Kira Bonder were born outside of wedlock, Dr. Peter Bing disinherited both of them from the family fortune. Instead, it will be given to Steve's sister Mary's two children, both of whom were born into married relationships, and the fortune will be split between them. 

Damian Hurley was cut off from his father's wealth due to trust issues.

Image: Damian Hurley has an estimated net worth of $500,000
Source: Instagram @damianhurley1

When Hurley was carrying Damian, Peter Bing prepared a will that excluded the child from his inheritance. Because Damian and Kira were both born outside of their parents' marriages, he filed a lawsuit in March 2019 to have them excluded from the "grandchildren trusts" that he had established nearly four decades ago. Hurley and Kira's mother contested the suit with assistance from Steve Bing and were successful, at least briefly. Peter Bing filed an appeal against the ruling in October 2020, four months after Steve Bing had passed away, and a judge determined that he was allowed to distribute the trust assets in any way he saw proper.

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After the judgment was made, Liz shared the following information with the Dailymail: "Damian's grandfather, Peter Bing, had attempted to have Stephen's children, including Damian, disregarded as his grandkids in the irrevocable trust he had previously set up." Stephen exerted a great effort during his final year to ensure his children were acknowledged. He repeatedly emphasized to me how vitally important this achievement was to him.

Damian Hurley's Family Details

Damian Hurley's mother, Elizabeth Hurley, is an actress in the United Kingdom. In addition, Damian is connected to his father, Steve Bing, a successful American entrepreneur. Bing, on the other hand, denied that he was the father. After some time had passed, Elizabeth decided to perform a DNA test to verify the child's paternity. Arun Nayar was Damian's stepfather, who resided in Gloucester with his mother and stepfather. After that, Hurley uprooted his life and traveled to Australia. 

Damian Hurley likes to pose alongside his mother, Elizabeth Hurley.

Image: Damian Hurley with his mother, Elizabeth Hurley
Source: Instagram @damianhurley1

Elizabeth was in a relationship with Shane Warne (Australian-based Cricketer) during that time. On the other hand, there is Damian's sister, who goes by the name Kira Bonder. He attended the Summer Fields School for the duration of his formal education. Patsy Kensi, David Beckham, Henry Dent Brocklehurst, and David Furnish are among the people he counts as his godfathers.

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