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Daniel Toce Wiki - Everything You Need to Know!

Published Sat Nov 09 2019 By Kenshinpark
Daniel Toce Wiki - Everything You Need to Know!

Know who Daniel Toce is? Who was his partner?

Daniel Toce, while he doesn't have anything of his own, he came into prominence when he married reality TV star Kim Zolciak-Biermann of 'Real Housewives of Atlanta.'

The husband of the reality star, however, is not with Kim as the former couple filed a divorce on 11th February 2003, only after two years into their marriage. After the divorce, Daniel was kind of out of the spotlight; however, there are some interesting facts you should know about him.

Daniel Toce has a Net Worth of $1.5 Million.

Though details of his career and whereabouts are entirely missing, the former husband of the reality TV star is estimated to have garnered a whopping net worth of $1.5 million.

Daniel Toce has an estimated $1.5 million

Daniel has a net worth of a whopping $1.5 million.
Source: RealityTV

While the source for his massive income is missing, many speculated Daniel got his fortune from alimony after divorce from one of the superstars of the reality TV show Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim Zolciak-Biermann.

Daniel Toce Shares a Daughter with His Ex-Wife

While the most famous couple on the show, Real Housewives of Atlanta, is not together anymore, Daniel Toce and his ex-wife, Kim Zolciak-Biermann, share a daughter.

Kim talking with a media about Daniel's charges.

Daniel and Kim were married for two years.
Source: US Weekly

The former couple's daughter, Ariana Biermann, was born in 2001, which means she is now 18 years old as of 2019.

Daniel Toce was Arrested for Sexual Assaults

Daniel while came into the spotlight for marrying a reality TV star, but that's not the only instance that made the headlines.

Daniel was charged with sexual assault.

Daniel was charged with sexual assault.
Source: RealityTV

Daniel was the subject of national news when he was accused of sexual assaults in early 2011. He was charged with molesting a 15-year-old girl and for which he served some jail time as well.

The news was shocking for many of us because the victim of his evil intent was none other than his stepdaughter, Brielle Biermann.

The assault came when Brielle was living for two years with her parents; the revelations made by the then-15-year-old were as shocking as it broke her heart when we heard what she really had to say.

According to Biermann, Daniel started to abuse her when she was just 14 sexually. He kept abusing them for a whole long year until she finally stood to voice against him.

Daniel not only abused Brielle sexually, but according to the victim herself, he used to abuse her physically too. Moreover, she also admitted to having gone through an abortion in 2012.

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After finding the courage to stand up against him, Brielle filed a case. The former husband of the reality TV star served jail time for ten years but had to serve just over two years before he was moved to probation.

Though he managed to reduce his jail time, this marked the end of his marriage with Zolciak-Biermann.

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