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Who is Katiana Kay? Who is She Dating Currently? Detail About her Boyfriend

Published Wed Mar 30 2022 By sujan
Who is Katiana Kay? Who is She Dating Currently? Detail About her Boyfriend

Know who Katiana Kay is? Who is she dating? And all the details regarding her relationship here.

Katiana Kay is a famous American Model. She is also a Social Media Star based in Miami, Florida, United States. On February 23, 2002, Katiana came to earth as a newborn baby. She is among the most popular individuals on social media. She is famous for sharing pictures of her swimming suit on her social media platforms. Katiana usually gets to millions of people by using TikTok. She also has a large fan following of followers on Instagram and Twitter.  

Katiana Kay's full name is Katiana Kay Wikipedia, but this model is also professionally known as Willikatiana. Katiana celebrated her birthday on February 23, as being born on February 23, 2002. Kay's hometown is in Arizona. The 20-year-old has completed her school life by attending a public institution within her town. Katiana later finished high school in the year 2020. 

Kay has not expressed any thoughts about whether she would like to attend college or not at the present moment. It is what we know about her education. It is easy to identify her nationality. If you have followed her for a long time, you will know Katiana is of Mexican and Columbian race. Her parents have connections to Mexico in addition to Columbia. That's why her mother language is multilingual, and Because of her eclectic parents, she has Mexican and American nationality due to her diverse parents.

Is Katiana Kay Single? Who is She Dating?

Reports show that Katiana is not single. Miami-based young entrepreneur William Goodall already takes her. It seems that they have been together for a long time haven't officially announced yet. But Katiana and William are often spotted together spending some quality time. 

Katiana Kay  is in a romance with her longtime boyfriend William Goodall

Image: Katiana kay and William Goodall kissing each other
Source: Instagram @williamjgoodall

Though Katirine tends to keep her relationship private and doesn't disclose any pictures of them spending some leisure time, her partner, William James Goodall, shares some of their images on his official Instagram account. He also shares a clip where they both kiss each other, and it makes us sure that Katiana and William are going out for a long time. The exact length of time them being together is still not out now. 

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The TikTok star and her sweetheart are not just a couple; they are entrepreneurs and business partners. They own their own company too. It seems that both the young entrepreneurs promote their businesses on their respective social media platforms. It's been a long time since William featured her pictures on his social media handles, but Katiana is yet to feature him.

Are Katiana and William Married?

Katiana Kay and William Goodall have been dating for a long time. However, the duo is yet to tie the knot. Also, they are yet to be engaged. They tend to keep their relationship details and plans to themselves and don't share them with the public until it's done.  

Katiana Kay and her lover have been dating for well over three years

Image: Katiana and William enjoying their pool time
Source: Instagram @williamjgoodall

Katiana and William were part of the controversy when Katiana posted a video on TikTok showing her thigh bruises. Her fan thought she was being bullied and abused by her partner, and she couldn't speak about it. 

People believed that was the reason why Katiana was giving them a hint by showing those bruises. Soon after her video went viral, she deleted it, and after some time, the public also forgot about it.

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