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Danila Kozlovsky - Meet The New Cast Of Vikings Season 6 'Oleg Of Novgorod'; Top 5 Facts About The Russian Actor!

Published Fri Sep 13 2019 By Travis
Danila Kozlovsky - Meet The New Cast Of Vikings Season 6 'Oleg Of Novgorod'; Top 5 Facts About The Russian Actor!

'Vikings' is coming back to TV this fall in what is supposed to one epic finale, and Michael Hirst said it is going to be one epic ending, emotional and unexpected. The show will always be memorable for the way the creators were able to bring some fictional as well as real-life historical characters to life.

But none of the above things would’ve been possible if it wasn’t for the great actors who portrayed the characters in the show. From the series regulars to guest stars of the show, the whole thing hinged on the believability of the cast, and the strength of their acting. Since a few members of the cast died in the show, it meant inviting new people in the series to play different characters. This is why Danila Kozlovsky was hired to play an important role in the series. Danila was hired to play ‘Oleg of Novgorod’ a historical figure in the upcoming final series.

Danila Kozlovsky in the role of a Viking.
Danila Kozlovsky is playing the role of a Viking one more time after starring in a movie in Russia about the Vikings set in the same period.

Source: IMDb

Danila was born on 3 May 1985 and Vikings isn’t the only show he is popular for, the man played a character in the cult hit action movie, 'Hardcore Henry' and he was also one of the cast members of 'Vampire Academy'. So, here are the five facts you should know about the new cast member of Vikings season six and the former member of 'Vampire Academy'.

5. Danila Kozlovsky Is Of Russian Descent

Danila posing for a photo by the river.

The name is an obvious giveaway, and you may be thinking why this is of any importance, but the whole thing will play a role a little down the line so just bear with us for a second. Danila was born in Moscow, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union and he spent his childhood as well as most of his adult life there. The acting gene in his body came from his mother who was a stage actress in Russia, Nadezhda Zvenigorodskaya met Danila’s father, Valery Kozlovsky, who worked as a professor in a Moscow State University.

Danila grew up in Moscow with his two siblings, one older and the other younger brothers, and he was a little on the fat side when he was younger. From a pretty young age, he was shown the way to a theatre and admitted in dance classes and was made to take music lessons. All of these lessons and classes made his ready for the military school where he met his girlfriend (more on that later).

4. He Is A Theatre Trained Actor

Danila with a smirk, looking into the camera

When it comes to making a name for yourself in the movie and TV industry, a little theatre training goes a long way. The dynamic of a theatre is a who different monster and a person who can live perform in front of live audience can most likely work on any aspect of the entertainment industry which is why theatre piqued the interest of Danila while he was still in military school and started his further studies in the reputed Saint Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy.

While he was still in school, Danila played the part of Edgar in 'King Lear', one of the epic tragedies written by William Shakespeare. To get his diploma from the Academy, Danila performed in Warsaw Melody, and now he is one of the most recognizable stars in Russia with over 1.2 million followers on Instagram.

3. Danila Is Playing A Historical Figure In Vikings Final Season

Oleg of Novgorod thinking in the battle field.

Like mentioned above, Danila is playing the role of Oleg Novogorod, and the amazing thing is Danila already played a historical Viking of the same era in a Russian movie called Viking. The film was a success, and it is a nice thing to know the man knows what he is doing when he makes his first appearance in Vikings season six.

The actor is only listed to appear in the first three episodes according to IMDb and to consider the fact Oleg was the king of the Rus’ people whenever the character appears in the series it is going to be an event. Though not a star-making role, still, this will be a way for the actor to cast a wider net, with his acting talents, when it comes to the western audiences, and the rest of the world. We are more than excited to see the talented Russian actor in the final season of one of the most epic TV shows, still on the air.

2. Danila Spitefully Got Married To His Wife, Urszula Magdalen Malka

Danila and Urszula sitting inside a dressing room

When Danila First got into the theatre, he fell in love with Lisa Boyarskaya, but their relationship was not meant to be (more on that in our final point). After the relationship with Lisa ended abruptly, Danila met another actress in the Academy with whom he fell in love with. While the two were working in plays together, Danila and Urszula got married in the fall of 2008.

The problem was everyone knew he was still in love with Lisa, the marriage was strenuous, and for a long period of time, Urszula was jealous of Lisa. According to one of Urszula’s friend, after one of her performance, she ran into the dressing room and started to cry saying he was still in love with Lisa which in turn resulted in the divorce of the two in 2011. The friend also said the actress tried getting pregnant a lot of time, but Danila was adamant on not wanting children.

The couple got separated and finally divorced, but years later they are still in each other lives with Danila once saying they care for each other and the situation they were in at the time of their marriage was not ideal to really prolong a relationship. Danila never married after his first divorce.

1. He Was Forced To Leave Lisa By Her Father

Lisa Boyarskaya and Danila Kozlovsky together at an event

Danila and Lisa worked in the dramatic world where most of everything is about the dramatization of stories, and one of the stories people frequently like to tell is the tragic story of unfulfilled love. For Danila and Lisa, though, the whole thing became a reality after the two started dating.

Danila met Lisa while in the Academy, and they formed a bond quickly, but to keep things on the down-low the couple tried to hide their relationship which everyone knew was there, but they were just playing coy. The passionate romance was on its way to better things but like in almost all tragic love stories the father stepped in the way. Lisa’s father Mikhail Boyarsky was the man who was the wedge in the road of the highway of love between Lisa and Danila. She was forced to leave her early love, and since then they moved on to other parts of their lives.

Lisa Boyarskaya and Danila Kozlovsky together when they were young.
Lisa and Danila were forced to leave each other due to the disapproval of Lisa's father

Source: Trestars

The actress’s friend later confirmed Mikhail later regretted separating the two lovers considering the life and career Danila was later able to forge for himself.

Though the actor was never able to get the love of his life we are hoping he wins over the adulation of fans when he finally arrives in full makeup on screen in the final season of Vikings. The show is not far away with the final season premiering most likely in the November of this year.