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When will Vikings Season 6 Premiere? Will it Feature New Cast Members?

Published Fri Sep 13 2019 By Travis
When will Vikings Season 6 Premiere? Will it Feature New Cast Members?

Vikings are coming back for a final bow this year, even though the series is without a release date right now, considering how the show followed the similar pattern of November release dates we are expecting the series to come back in the latter part of November.

The show is one of the highest performing series for History Channel, and the show was seen as a successor for the void left by Game of Thrones. But the series is also leaving with the final season and fans are more than excited to see how their favorite characters are going to end up by the end of the series.

Vikings is coming back for a final season on History Channel.

Source: TV Guide

Since the death of Ragnar Lothbrok, the series was supposed to be in flux and even though fans were ready for the death of Ragnar; it was still a huge blow to the entire show and the fanbase. Still, the series persisted the second part of season four and was bellowed in season five, it was all due to the great cast members of the series who portrayed the historical and fictional characters to perfection, and most of the cast members are coming back to season six along with some new members.

Returning Characters And New Cast Members Coming To Vikings Season 6

Vikings cast

The creator of Vikings, Michael Hirst, said there were going to be a lot of deaths in the second part of Vikings season five, and he was not lying, the whole thing was a bloody epic where some of the characters met their end. One of the characters we thought, met her end was 'Freydis' who we thought was dead but then in the season six promotional video she was there which means she is most probably coming back for the final season.

People were also fearful of Katheryn Winnick not coming back to season six as she was hired to play a character in the 'Wu Assassins' and also hired to direct an episode in the final season of the series. But the words coming from the series is she will handle both of her duties, in front and behind the camera.

Katheryne Winnick in Vikings with war paint and ready for war.
Katheryn Winnick is said to be coming back to the final season of Vikings.

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Other old cast members returning to the series are, Alexander Ludwig who is definitely coming back to lead the show, Gustaf Skarsgård is also returning, Katheryn Winnick is also rumored to be coming back, Marco Ilso is also retuning, and Alex Høgh Andersen was pictured on the sets of the series. Supporting those characters are new cast members who were hired to appear in season six, Danila Kozlovsky and Eric Johnson are joining the cast.

Danila Kozlovsky Is Playing The Historical Figure Oleg Of Novogorod

Danila Kozlovsky posing

Oleg of Novogorod was a historical figure who ruled the Rus’ people in the 9th and 10th century, Danila Kozlovsky Vikings character is based on the historical figure. The Varangian price was a real person with multiple books and historical ledgers, noting the existence of the person. This also means the Vikings show will be treading further east and this will be the farthest the show will move in the series. All of this perfectly lines up with the statement creator of the show made about the first three episodes dealing with three different worlds, and there is a lot of sorrow and tears to shed.

Danila is ethnically a Russian actor who played mostly in Russian movies in his career, but he is also well known for the role of 'Akan' in the cult hit action movie, 'Hardcore Henry'. We particularly know him from 'McMafia', and it was a bad thing he only appeared in one episode, and he also played the character of 'Dimitri Belikov' in the 2014 box office bomb 'Vampire Academy'. The actor obviously is talented, and this will be a test for the actor, because of the huge character he is playing in Vikings season 6, he is appearing in the first three episodes which makes this even more important for the actor to bring his A-game.

Eric Johnson Is Also Joining To Play The Character Of Erik

Eric Johnson posing with a white shirt on

Eric Johnson, on the other hand, is a talented English actor who appeared in almost 70 movies and TV series over the years. The actor is now joining the cast of Vikings in the role of Erik who was described as “a formidable warrior who is an outlaw living on his wits and martial skills,” which was according to an article by Deadline.

The actor as we mentioned above played in numerous TV shows and movies, including a starring role in 'The Knick' and also in 'Fifty Shades Freed'. Eric Johnson Vikings character will appear in all of the 20 episodes and Eric will also be in the second season of 'Condor'.

What Can We Expect From The Six Season Of Vikings?

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The plot points for the final season of the series are kept under lock and key, and Hirst did say people will be in for some unexpected reveals when the series starts. The creator said this is the most emotional and ambitious of all the seasons, and we are more than excited for the final season.

One thing coming from the people involved in the series is the possible return of Ragnar Lothbrok in the final season. The character is dead, and he died in the 15th episode of season four so how he will be making an appearance in the final season is to be seen. Most likely it will be in the form of a ghost just like 'Athelstan' appeared to Ragnar in season four. Whatever the case we are more than excited for the final season of the series, it is going to be a story of epic proportion.