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David Henrie' and Wife Maria Cahill are Expecting Third Child

Published Thu Dec 30 2021 By Tashipalmo
David Henrie' and Wife Maria Cahill are Expecting Third Child

Actor David Henrie and his wife Maria Cahill revealed the happy news on Instagram: Complete story here!  

The How I Met Your Mother star, David Henrie, is expecting his third child with his wife of three years, Maria Cahill. The doting parents of two took to Instagram on Wednesday to drop the happy news. "Maria and I were racking our brains on what to get our son James for his first birthday, #3 #bigbrother," Henrie, 32, wrote.  

"We are going to wait until birth for the gender reveal, Couldn't think of a better gender reveal than that, am I right?" David wrote in the comment section. The Wizard of Waverly Place alum married Cahill, former Miss Delaware 2011, on April 21, 2017. They welcomed a girl Pia, 2, and son, James, 1, in March 2019 and December 2020.   

David Henrie is expecting his third child.

Henrie and Maria got married in April 2017. 
Photo Source: Instagram 

Earlier in 2019, David revealed his wife suffered three miscarriages before being blessed with Pia. And before she would carry their son James to term, Cahill underwent another miscarriage. Posting a sad note on Instagram, David wrote, "A lot of people don't talk about miscarriage, but it's real and it's traumatizing in ways you may not even be aware. Please reach out for help. And always know your little angels are smiling down upon you." 

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While revealing his wife's heartbreaking journey to become a mother, Henrie's long note also carried a piece of good news. "Today is a particularly special day for Maria and me, and it's special because in order to get to where we are today, with the joy of our newborn in our arms, my wife and I went through trials." he wrote, announcing the birth of Pia. David adds, "Maria and I suffered three miscarriages before finally being able to carry Pia to full term."   

Henrie and Maria suffered three miscarriages before they welcomed their daughter Pia. 
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The actor remains hopeful about the fate of his third child."  I'm proud of her because she did what needed to be done to heal, and now we've been given another chance with our 3rd child and we are hopefully clear of miscarriage danger," David wrote on an Instagram story.  

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