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What is David Pastrňák's Net Worth? Learn all the Details Here

Published Tue Jul 13 2021 By Tashipalmo
What is David Pastrňák's Net Worth? Learn all the Details Here

How Much is David Pastrňák Valued at in 2021? All Details Here!  

David Pastrňák is the right winger for the Boston Bruins of the National Hockey League. Aged only 25, David already boasts an impressive resume in the field and has multiple honours and accolades endowed to his name. He is also known as 'Pasta' amongst the Bruns' fans.

David states he took up ice hockey because his late father, Milan, wanted to see him become one. Pastrňák left his native at 16 to embark upon his dead father's dream and soon went from being the least known ice-hockey player to most-loved and feared. Following is a look at David's impressive career and his accumulated net worth.

Inside David Pastrňák's Staggering Net Worth!

David Pastrňák wasn't born with an innate knack for the sport, and what he has achieved today is solely built on hard work and years of perseverance. His career is a testament to what humans are capable of accomplishing with conviction. That being said, David's net worth in 2021 is a whopping $40 million.    

David Pastrňák is the right winger for the Boston Bruins.

 Pastrňák cites he trained hard to become an ice hockey player because it was his late father's wish.
Photo Source: The Athletics.

Before starting his NHL career, David led the Czech under 18 league. The Bruins drafted him in the 25th pick overall in 2014. He made his debut against the Pittsburgh Penguins in November but scored his first two goals against the Ray Emery in 2015.    

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It isn't disclosed how much he made in the three-year entry-level contract with the Bruins, but in 2017 David resigned a 6 years contract worth $40 million. Hence, it is estimated the star player was paid a considerable amount in the tenure if not the same. Pastrňák's contract extension stretches to 2022-2023 seasons, and it averages out to $6.67 million per year for the forward.   

David Pastrňák has an estimated net worth of $40 million.

Pastrňák signed a 6-years contract extension of $40 million with the Bruins.
Photo Source: The sun

The contract guaranteed a $40,000,000 sum. In 2021, David is estimated to rake a base salary of $6,800,000. In all, David has played 7 seasons for the Bruins, in which he has scored 200 goals, 227 assists, and a plus-minus of 73 in 438 games.

David Pastrňák's Personal Life and Loss!  

Instead of his imposing career, the 25-year-old Boston star is in the news because of a personal revelation made. On June 23, he reported his 6 days old son, Viggo Rohl Pastrnak, had passed away. He posted a picture of his late infant's feet with a heartfelt message.    

David Pastrňák reports death of his 6-days old son, Viggo.

 David and his girlfriend request privacy to process through these heartbreaking times.
Photo Source: Love is You

David, who is also loved by millions for his endearing relationship with his girlfriend, Rebecca Rohllson, received condolence from fans and colleagues alike. The Bruins wrote, "David and Rebecca are a part of our family and we share in their loss." David and his wife do not have any other children together.   

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Pastrňák and Rebecca started dating in 2018. Rebecca is a native of Stockholm and a former gymnast. The couple has maintained a drama-free and candid relationship. As David's teammates pour their hearts out for the couple, citing the tragedy as a parent's worst nightmare, David and his girlfriend request the media for privacy to process through the times.  

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