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Details on Carrington Franklin! Know About Carrington Husband, Kids and More

Published Wed Sep 20 2023 By Bsgurung
Details on Carrington Franklin! Know About Carrington Husband, Kids and More

Kirk Franklin, the renowned American gospel singer celebrated for his contemporary gospel music, also shines as a philanthropist and activist. In recent times, his daughter, Carrington Franklin, has stepped into the spotlight, capturing headlines. Here's a comprehensive glimpse into her life: Carrington Franklin, an American celebrity, is widely recognized as the beloved daughter of Kirk Franklin. 

What makes their father-daughter bond all the more heartwarming is the fact that she is his adopted daughter. Their extraordinary connection is beautifully portrayed on Carrington's Instagram page, where she frequently shares heartfelt messages of gratitude and affection towards her loving father.

Exchanged Wedding Vows With Husband, Maxx Nakwaasah

Maxx Nakwaasah originally proposed to Carrington Franklin amidst the serene beauty of a botanical garden in Dallas, Texas, back in October 2015. 

Recollecting that memorable moment, Kirk Franklin's daughter, who fondly regarded her then-boyfriend and future husband as her closest confidant, admitted to feeling a sense of disbelief when he popped the question about marriage.

Carrington Franklin wedding
Image: Carrington Franklin with her husband, Maxx Nakwaasah during their wedding. Source: Instagram

However, Maxx's resounding "yes" confirmed that it was indeed a reality. Their love story culminated in a heartwarming union on October 1, 2016, in a charming ceremony held at the Dallas Union Station. 

The radiant bride couldn't help but describe her wedding day as nothing short of a dream come true. Since that special day, both husband and wife have been reveling in the joy of their journey together, celebrating their enduring love.

Carrington Franklin Baby

Their joyous journey as a couple reached another milestone when they welcomed their first child, a son named Shiloh Mekhi, on April 13th. Shiloh is now a happy and healthy 2-year-old. 

Like any devoted parent, Carrington and Maxx are dedicated to providing the best care for their children. 

Their social media accounts are frequently adorned with precious snapshots of their family moments, sharing their love and happiness with their followers.

Carrington Franklin's Wonderful Career So Far

Carrington embarked on her professional journey as an intern at KLTY Christian Radio in June 2008. Subsequently, from May 2009 to November 2011, she held roles at Karmeb Johnson and Associates and the Girl Scouts of Central Texas.

In addition to these experiences, Franklin also served as a Marketing Manager at UT Arlington Continuing Education and worked as an Executive Assistant, contributing her skills to organizations like Par and Emmitt Smith Charities, as well as Treasure You.

As of today, Carrington Franklin has ascended to the position of CEO and Creative Director at Liz Kennedy Brand Management, where she continues to excel and thrive in her successful career within the business world.

Her Biological Father, Kirk Franklin is a Legendary Singer

Kirk Franklin is a celebrated figure in the world of contemporary gospel music and a multifaceted talent in the entertainment industry. Born on January 26, 1970, in Fort Worth, Texas, he has achieved widespread recognition as a gospel singer, songwriter, choir director, and record producer. 

Kirk Franklin awards
Image: Singer, Kirk Franklin after winning the award. Source: IMDB

His groundbreaking fusion of gospel, R&B, hip-hop, and pop elements has not only garnered critical acclaim but also broadened the appeal of gospel music to a diverse global audience. 

With numerous awards, including multiple Grammy Awards, to his name, Kirk Franklin is not only a musical icon but also an influential philanthropist and advocate for social change.

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Wonderful Relationship With the Siblings

Carrington Franklin, born on May 13, 1989, in the United States, is the eldest daughter of Tammy Collin and Kirk Franklin. However, it's important to note that Kirk Franklin is not her biological father, as she is the product of Tammy Collin's previous relationship, and the identity of her biological father remains undisclosed.

In addition to her unique family dynamic, Carrington has three half-siblings: Kennedy Franklin, Kerrion Franklin, and Caziah Franklin. She proudly holds American nationality, and her ethnicity reflects her diverse All-American heritage. Carrington's story reflects the complex tapestry of modern family relationships and her own individual journey within it.

Carrington Franklin's Salary and Net Worth in 2023

As of the current date, Carrington Franklin boasts a commendable estimated net worth, conservatively valued at approximately $2 million. She has diligently built her wealth through her roles as the CEO of her own company and as a professional blogger, a journey that began after her schooling.

Given Carrington's evident success in her chosen field, there is a strong likelihood that she will continue to ascend and reach the pinnacle of her career in the near future, which is expected to significantly bolster her overall net worth. 

Notably, her estimated annual income stands at an impressive figure of over $150,000 per year, reflecting her continued financial prosperity and professional prowess.

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Carrington Franklin Social Media Appearance 

The lovely Carrington is an avid enthusiast of social media, with a significant presence not only on Instagram but also on Twitter. As of the year 2023, her Instagram account boasts an impressive following of approximately 78,000 devoted fans who eagerly engage with her content. Carrington is known for her active and engaging presence on this platform.

Carrington Franklin son
Image: Carrington Franklin with her husband and baby boy. Source: Instagram

Similarly, her Twitter account commands a substantial following, with over 7,000 followers who appreciate her posts and updates. Carrington frequently shares her thoughts and experiences on both of these platforms, making her a notable and cherished figure in the realm of social media.


Carrington Franklin embarked on her academic journey at Baylor University in 2007, where she pursued her Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Public Relations, Journalism, and Management. After successfully completing her undergraduate studies, she took a significant step forward in her education.

Several years later, Carrington enrolled at Dallas Baptist University to further her academic pursuits. There, she dedicated herself to earning a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Communication Management, enriching her knowledge and expertise in the field. Carrington's commitment to education underscores her dedication to personal and professional growth.

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