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Veteran Actress Diana Rigg Dies at 82 from Cancer

Published Thu Sep 10 2020 By Chester
Veteran Actress Diana Rigg Dies at 82 from Cancer

English actress Diana Rigg passes away at the age of 82. 

Many of you might remember veteran actress Dianna Rigg from her iconic 1965 series 'The Avengers' while some might also know her from her role as Olenna Tyrell on 'Game of Thrones'. 

Dianna passed away from Cancer which was diagnosed in March. As reports from BBC, the late actress passed away being surrounded by friends and family. Various celebrities expressed their condolences among which was from author Neil Gaiman

Rigg was one of the examples to define the era known as "Swingin Sixties" in London for her fashion and iconic character she played. Among which her role as Emma Peel was one of her recognized roles which supported feminism which later created stir of controversy for later participating. 

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Diana Rigg born as Enid Diana Elizabeth Rigg was born on July, 20, 1938 in December at Doncaster, England. And throughout her childhood she lived in India where her father was railway executive but eventually moved back to England to finish her education and attended to Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. 

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It was a start to Rigg cinema career and ended pretty well as she played in movies and TV series like Game of Thrones, Detectorists, Diana and so forth. Throughout her career Diana plays in 65 plus movies and tv shows.

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Thou Diana passed away she will forever be remembered throughout her movies & tv shows. We are heart broken to hear her tragic demise and express our condolence to the late actress and her family. May Rigg departed soul rest in peace in heaven.

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