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Is Shiloh Dynasty Dead? Where Is She Now? Why Did This Musical Star Disappear?

Published Wed Aug 28 2019 By Travis
Is Shiloh Dynasty Dead? Where Is She Now? Why Did This Musical Star Disappear?

Shiloh Dynasty was one of the most beloved artist on the internet, but where did she disappear to?

We live in a digital age where how much likes and views you get matters, and people do whatever they can to stay relevant and promote themselves to new heights by doing whatever they can to stay in the public eye. Just, for example, look at Danielle Cohn who will do whatever it takes not to lose followers and her relevancy.

In this age of social vanity and selling yourself by whatever measure possible, a breath of fresh air came in 2014 when mysteriously shot videos of an artist started to surface on the internet. The lo-fi six second’s clips on Vine took the internet by storm and the mystery surrounding the artist grew. When most people would’ve used the newfound fame to get a record deal or make themselves rich, Shiloh Dynasty seemingly disappeared from the public eye after posting one final photo on her Instagram.

The world was appearance does the most talking, Shiloh went from making videos where we only saw a quarter of her face and disappeared with a trace. So, where did the talented singer go? It is the same question most of the fans on her now-dormant Instagram page are asking. After she disappeared, Shiloh Dynasty dead was the trending topic in the comment section of her Instagram page.

Starting out in 2014 with her short vine clips, Shiloh moved into Instagram where she released some more clips of the phone recorded videos. She also released two original full-length songs on her new SoundCloud page where the songs since received more than 2.5 million plays combined.

Her calming soothing, yet haunting all the same type of voice spoke to millions of people on the internet with the songs finding life on the internet, and she started a strong following. People like the music industry’s top players Timbaland and Diddy took notice of her clips and talked about being a fan of the songstress. But rather than reveal who she is, Shiloh posted a photo of a white background with black letters saying, “I’m not a look, I’m a feeling.” After the post she made some of her most recognizable work, we’re not saying her other work are not recognizable, but after the photo is where she achieved mainstream recognition.

XXXTentacion was one of the very first musicians to sample the clips by Shiloh, and he used her clips in three different songs in his 2017 album. XXX was one of the most beloved singers with his songs seemingly speaking to people in pain and going through hard times in their lives. XXX combined his songs with her clips in Jocelyn Flores, Everybody Dies in Their Nightmares and Carry On. In the album, she was named Ciara Simms, which we believe to be her real name and XXX was also the one who confirmed Shiloh was a girl, something the internet wanted to know since the first time everyone wanted to know after they heard her sing.

Listen: XXXTentacion samples Shiloh Dynasty in his hit song Jocelyn Flores

She disappeared in 2016 after a posting a photo captioned “come here,” but she was involved in the making of the XXX album. Genius also got hold of her manager, and the manager said she is not looking to come on the limelight and stay away, she is alive and well but doesn’t want to be in the private eye. The manager also said she is a private person, and she just wants to live her life without any media attention.

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So, Shiloh is not dead; she tweeted on January of 2019 about 2019 being an amazing year for everyone. The Twitter account is linked to her official SoundCloud page, so the account seems to be genuine but just because she is sending tweets doesn’t really mean she is alive.

It is an amazing thing she’s managed to stay hidden for this long, and her fans definitely miss her, but they are also unanimous in saying they want Shiloh to live her life. Shiloh is an enigma of the 21st century, someone who is loved by many but for someone who doesn’t want anything to do with the hustle and bustle of wanting to be famous. We hope Shiloh is alive and well and maybe when she feels like it, we can get some more songs and clips by the talented singer.