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Did Orange Is The New Black Feature A Love Island Crossover?

Published Tue Jul 30 2019 By Travis
Did Orange Is The New Black Feature A Love Island Crossover?

In the realm of crossovers we never thought we'd see, along came Love Island and Orange Is the New Black.

We have seen many crossovers over the years as superheroes made crossovers in Avengers and Justice League and monster fighting brothers from Supernatural crossed over into the Scooby-Doo cartoon. We thought the Scooby cartoon and Supernatural would be the weirdest crossover ever but nope the new season of Orange Is the New Black takes that cake.

Orange Is the New Black final season poster
Orange Is the New Black premiered on Netflix for the seventh and final season. (Source: Fandom)

The final season of Orange Is the New Black was made available on Netflix, and the show contained episodes where the warden of the prison was seen watching Love Island UK. Yeah! Imagine our surprise as we are watching the show and all of a sudden the 2018 contestants of Love Island appear on the screen of the episode. The appearance by Love Island wasn’t in just passing through, as Fig is changing through channels we get a glimpse of the show. Nope, that was not the case; 'Natalie Figueroa' (played by Alysia Reiner) is full-on watching the show’s multiple scenes in two different episodes.

This was something we never expected and something we never thought we needed. The first time we see Fig watching Love Island, she explains the situation on TV to her partner 'Joe Caputo' (played by Nick Sandow) the love triangle happening in the episode. She says, “Niall is c**k-blocking Adam from stealing Kendall’s p***y away.”

And Joe replies, “Why are we watching a bunch of Brexit voters in bikinis?” Imagine the shock Joe will feel when he watches the episode where Hayley Hughes thinks Brexit is about chopping trees.

Fig is like a living breathing mood as she explains the reason for watching the show. She says, “I want the hot glistening bodies to zap away my brain and my day.” You are not alone Fig as that is precisely the reason most people watch the show.

It is not the end of Love Island reference on the show though as in episode six we see Fig is watching the show again as Caputo returns home and says, “I did get you a gift at the market.” To which Fig replies, “It better not be another succulent, two can hate each other and still live. If I have learned anything from Love Island, it’s that three will tear each other apart.”

The couple talks for a short moment then she is distracted by the girls not being interested in Dr. Alex George. She comments, breaking off the conversation and asks, “Why are none of these women going for the doctor?”

The internet was having a lot of fun as people took to Twitter to share their delight, even Dr. Alex thanked Orange Is the New Black for the mention.

Love Island is airing its final episode on ITV2, and you can watch all the episodes of Orange Is the New Black as well as season 7, the last season, on Netflix right now.