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Dino Guilmette's Life Beyond Boxing with Shayanna Jenkins

Published Thu Dec 14 2023 By Bsgurung
Dino Guilmette's Life Beyond Boxing with Shayanna Jenkins

Dino Guilmette, an American amateur boxer and bar owner from Rhode Island, gained attention in May 2018 when it was revealed he was the father of Shayanna Jenkins' unborn child. Jenkins, the fiancĂ©e of convicted NFL star Aaron Hernandez, announced her pregnancy 13 months after Hernandez's death. 

Jenkins and Hernandez, who had been together since high school, planned to marry, but his arrest in 2013 for the fatal shooting of Odin Lloyd disrupted their plans. Hernandez received a life sentence without parole and took his own life a few days after sentencing in April 2017, at the age of 27.

Dino Guilmette Tied the Wedding Knot With Wife, Shayanna Jenkins

Dino Guilmette, a notable figure, is married to public figure Shayanna Jenkins, introduced by a mutual friend. Guilmette, who played football with the late Aaron Hernandez at the University of Florida, and Jenkins got married in 2018. 

Dino Guilmette Daughter
Image: Dino Guilmette with his daughter spending time together. Source: Twitter

Their initial meeting in Rhode Island sparked attraction, and the couple is happily married, devoid of disputes, divorce rumors, or extramarital affairs. 

Both enjoy a harmonious relationship, adding another chapter to Guilmette's connection with the intriguing narratives involving Hernandez and Jenkins.

Welcomed First Daughter With Wife, Shayanna Jenkins

Dino Guilmette, known for his charming personality, welcomed his first daughter with his wife Shayanna Jenkins, Giselle Guilmette, on June 15, 2018. 

Although it was their first child together, both had prior parenting experiences. Guilmette has a daughter, Mia Guilmette, from a previous relationship, while Jenkins has a daughter, Avielle Hernandez, from her relationship with the late Aaron Hernandez. 

The couple actively shares their family life on social media, expressing joy in raising their children together. Guilmette looks forward to the challenges, noting his excitement about having his daughter and creating a blended family with two sisters.

Is Dino Guilmette the Biological Father of the Shaynna Jenkins's Daughter? 

Despite rumors and theories suggesting Dino Guilmette wasn't the biological father of Shayanna Jenkins' youngest daughter, Giselle, amid controversies about Aaron Hernandez potentially being the father, Guilmette chose to support Jenkins. 

Amid speculations, including claims of smuggling Hernandez's sperm out of prison, Guilmette dismissed the ugly comments and stood by Jenkins. While hearsay persisted, Guilmette confirmed to Radar Online that Giselle was indeed his child, quashing doubts about her paternity.

Wonderful Marital Journey So Far

While there's no explicit confirmation of trouble between Dino Guilmette and Shayanna Jenkins, the couple has notably been absent from each other's business on social media. 

Despite their usual openness about family matters, their recent lack of appearances together has sparked speculation about potential relationship issues. 

Both actively share moments with their daughters online, but the absence of joint posts has fueled rumors. However, there's no concrete confirmation of any relationship challenges, leaving fans to wonder about the state of their relationship.

Past Relationship of Mr. and Mrs. Guilmette

Dino Guilmette and Shayanna Jenkins had previous partners before their relationship. Dino has a daughter from a previous relationship, while Shayanna dated NFL player Aaron Hernandez since high school in 2007.

Although they weren't married, Shayanna adopted Aaron's last name in 2015 with judicial approval. The couple remained together until Aaron's suicide on April 19, 2017. Despite not being legally married, their long-term relationship and Shayanna's adoption of Aaron's name reflected their commitment throughout the years.

Dino Guilmette is a Former Model

Dino Guilmette, currently residing in Cranston, Rhode Island, is described as self-employed on his LinkedIn page. He holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Rhode Island, graduating in 2000. 

In the early 2000s, he explored modeling with One Model Place, expressing interest in various categories like fashion, editorial, runway, sport, casual, swimwear, and print. Presently, Guilmette is known to be running a bar. 

His professional journey includes a mix of business education, modeling pursuits, and entrepreneurship, with his LinkedIn profile offering insights into his diverse interests and experiences.

Why Shayanna Jenkins's Husband Was Arrested? 

Dino Guilmette, at 18, faced legal issues with a felony assault arrest, receiving one year of probation. He was also involved in property destruction, but the case was later dismissed. 

Further legal troubles included charges of wilful trespass in January 2005 and simple assault in October 2005, resulting in another probation sentence. Guilmette filed for bankruptcy in Rhode Island in 2005 and 2014, revealing a net worth of $2,050 and debts totaling nearly $39,000 during the first filing.

The father of three has navigated a history of legal challenges and financial difficulties documented in online records.

Dino Guilmette's Net Worth in 2023

Dino Guilmette, with an impressive net worth estimated at $1.5 million, has achieved financial success through his multifaceted career in boxing, business, and entrepreneurship. 

DIno Guilmette wife
Image: Former boxer., Dino Guilmette enjoying date night with his wife, Shayanna Jenkins. Source: Twitter

His prominence in the entertainment industry has contributed to a substantial fortune, reflecting his global recognition. While specific details about his primary income sources, assets, and lifestyle remain undisclosed, Guilmette's thriving professional journey suggests the potential for continued growth in net worth and income. 

Enjoying a happy and affluent life, his success in various fields positions him for potential financial expansion in the future.

How Old is Dino Guilmette Today? 

Born on August 11, 1978, in Cranston, Rhode Island, Dino Guilmette, aged 45 and a Leo, hails from a Caucasian background. William Guilmette II and Donna Guilmette are his parents, and he has eight siblings, tragically losing his older brother William in 2016. 

An American national and Christian, Dino holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Rhode Island Feinstein Providence Campus. With a family of diverse siblings and a tragic loss, Guilmette's life reflects a blend of personal and educational experiences.

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