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Does Vlogger Rachel DeMita's Boyfriend? Know All About It!

Published Wed Feb 24 2021 By Danile
Does Vlogger Rachel DeMita's Boyfriend? Know All About It!

Rachel DeMita has a celebrity athlete boyfriend; who is he, and what is his profession.

Rachel DeMita is an American vlogger and a former television show host who was the first-ever TV show broadcast through a video game, NBA 2KTV. She is the first host of the popular basketball show for which she auditioned and was selected in 2014.  

Not many might know this; the lady was also a basketball player during her college. She was an All-American basketball player and earned a full-ride division 1 scholarship to Old Dominion University in 2008. 

The 32-year-old began her media career when she was studying at university. After finishing college, she moved to Los Angeles from Washington D.C. The lady worked freelance gigs here and there before starting her YouTube. She finally got her breakthrough after going in for an audition for NBA 2KTV, which of course, she secured. It's been quite a journey for the versatile lady, and whatever she has today, she fully deserves it all.  

That's about her professional but what about her private life? Is she dating anyone? If yes, who is the fortunate guy? So, today let's take a look at that aspect in this article!

Dating For Years, Who Is Her Boyfriend?

Rachel DeMita who has million dollars net worth has been in a relationship with Andre Roberson. Her boyfriend Andre is a professional American basketball player who previously played for the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA. 

The pair first met and not long after their meeting began dating in 2018. Initially, they managed to keep their relationship away from the media and the public eyes. It was only in mid-2018 that they officially came out as love birds after posting pictures of each other on their respective Instagram accounts.   

Rachel DeMita with her boyfriend Andre Roberson
Vlogger Rachel DeMita is in a longtime relationship with NBA player Andre Roberson.
Photo Source: TMZ 

It's been almost three years since they began their love, and Rachel and Andre still get along incredibly well. The duo's immense love for basketball may be the reason why they have such a good bonding. 

The two manage to spend time with each other whenever they have off days.

Rachel DeMita can play good basketball.
Rachel DeMita is a former college basketball player.
Photo Source: Pinterest 

Still, it is a bit surprising that they have not tied the knot or at least engaged. The pair is possibly taking their time and taking things slowly. Both are at the pinnacle of their respective professional career and for now, seems focused on it.  

Let's hope we will hear the news of their wedding soon! Until then, best wishes to the couple from us!

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