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Who is Dominic Fike Dating in 2020? Find Out About His Girlfriend

Published Thu Jul 30 2020 By Kenshinpark
Who is Dominic Fike Dating in 2020? Find Out About His Girlfriend

Here's what you should know about Dominic Fike's new girlfriend in 2020.

Dominic David Fike, also known as Marty Krazz, is an American singer and rapper from Florida, currently signed to Columbia Records. Dominic grew up playing music; the singer received his first recognition by making beats with his former producer, Hunter Pfeiffer.

Fike released his first EP 'Don' Forget About Me, Demos' in 2017 while he was on house arrest for battery of police officer, The EP went big leading to bidder war in several record company. 

Later, the rapper signed with Columbia Records for a reported $4 million. Dominic, however, saw some downside after the success as he was sent to jail for violating house arrest, but after that, he has been pretty good in his career.

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Since we are talking about his love life, let's find out who the singer is dating in 2020.

Dominic Fike Girlfriend in 2020

Previously Dominic Fike was with Shelby Tangorra, but in a recent development, the former couple broke up. According to fans, the two split after Shelby cheated on Dominic with Fike's friend.

Dominic with his ex girlfriend, Shelby.

Dominic with his ex-girlfriend, Shelby Tangorra.
Photo Source: Reddit

The fan's theories further suggest Shelby still follows Dominic's dog account 'Gelato,' his mom, and band members. But the two unfollowed each other, so the speculations started Shelby and Dom are no longer together.

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But all speculations came out to be true in the end. Dominic is now dating his new girlfriend, Diana Silvers.

Who is Diana Silvers?

Diana Silvers is the new girlfriend of Dominic Fike. Dominic fans came with the speculations that the two are dating. Their theories suggest the two have started making appearances on each other social profiles.

Dominic Fike girlfriend 2020.

Dominic Fike with his new girlfriend, Diana Silvers.
Photo Source: Alexandra Instagram

When we stalked Alexandra Hainer's Instagram account, the speculations were, in fact, true. The couple is dating, which is evident from their cozying up pictures on their Hainer's profile.

Diana Silvers is an American actress and model who is known for role in movies like 'Booksmart,' 'Ma,' and series like Netflix's 'Space Force.' 

The couple is yet to confirm their relationship; the pictures came earlier in July, so we can assume the couple is taking some time to understand each other better before going public about their relationship.

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