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Donald Trump Impeachment - A Brief Story!

Published Thu Dec 19 2019 By Travis
Donald Trump Impeachment - A Brief Story!

Liberal wet-dream and conservative-nightmare are unfolding in the Capital of the United States with the House of Representatives introducing the articles of impeachment and then getting it passed. It was a great day for the Democrats but a bad day for the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

After a whole year of the Democratic Party threatening to impeach the President, finally, on 19 December 2019, they went through with it. It was almost a given, the House was going to impeach, and after Nancy Pelosi finally got on board the impeachment train, they were determined to ruin the President’s Christmas.

Watch: Nancy Pelosi announces the impeachment of President Trump

The House will now send the articles of impeachment to the Senate, where the majority-Republican Senate will decide whether to remove Trump from office or no. The House is still to send the charges over to the Senate, so here is a brief story of Trump Impeachment.

How Did President Trump Get Here?

Everyone probably remembers the moment when the President of the United States asked a foreign government (Ukraine) to investigate his rival Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden. This was not something new when it comes to Trump, he asked Russia to hack into Hillary Clinton’s server to get all her emails, and about a day later, the emails were found on Wikileaks.

But the real problem started for the President when he asked his advisors to hold back aid from Ukraine in order to strong-arm into announcing the country is investigating Joe Biden’s son. The Democrats got the smocking gun, and they ran with the whole thing, starting an inquiry into the President and his conduct.

The problems on the President compiled even further when he advised the people working for him to not comply with the request of the Congress. Well, Nancy Pelosi finally spurred into action, and then the Democratic Party brought two charges, abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, against President Trump.

The House of Representative was the Scene of the Crime

On 18 December 2019, the House of Representative was alive with the lawmakers giving their passionate response to the articles of impeachment. The Democrats are patting their backs and saying the constitution was at work, whereas the Republicans were adamant the whole thing was a sham, and this was a mistake.

All the lawmakers voted along the party lines with the majority Democratic House ramming through the abuse of power charge 230 for and 197 against. Then the obstruction of Congress also suffered a similar fate with 229 for and 198 against. There were no surprises; we knew the House would vote to impeach.

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Nancy Pelosi was a happy woman as she banged the gavel and claimed Trump is impeached. Well, when asked what is going to happen next, Nancy Pelosi said they are going to hold off on sending the article of impeachment to trial at the Senate until Mitch McConnell agrees to procedures for the trial.

What’s Next For President Donald Trump Impeachment?

The main players who can influence the impeachment are Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer and Republican Senator Mitch McConnell. Mitch said they are going to coordinate everything with the White House, and this caused some lawmakers to ask the Senate Majority Leader to recuse himself.

Senate will need a two-thirds majority to oust the President, which means President Trump will not be thrown out. The Senate is 53 to 47, the Republican majority, and the GOP is not going to impeach their own President. All of this is for show; Donald Trump will run for re-election and most probably win again because the Democrats can’t seem to stop patting themselves on the back with small victories.

Mitch McConnell will most probably not allow a Republican Majority to remove President from office.

Mitch McConnell will most probably not allow a Republican Majority to remove President from office.
Source: Business Insider

The fans of Donald Trump are stronger than ever, and all this impeachment did was give Donald Trump more ammunition to position himself as the victim of the nasty Democrats and all became the right-wing media fodder for disinformation and conspiracy theories. There are probably people on right-wing media already saying the “deep state” is working against their President.

This impeachment process was an exercise in futility; in the long run, it will have achieved nothing, and Donald Trump will be back in the office for another four years. So, congratulation Democrats for getting President Trump elected for a second term.

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