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Edie Knightley Righton - Facts to Know About Keira Knightley's Daughter

Published Sun Mar 15 2020 By Eric
Edie Knightley Righton - Facts to Know About Keira Knightley's Daughter

Know all things about the celebrity kid Edie Knightley Righton! Also, know about her parents.

Some lucky people gain enormous success and popularity through hard work, which lives throughout their life. But some luckier ones inherit the name and fame of their celebrity parents; Edie Knightley Righton is one of those kids who garnered a lot of attention from the day she was born.

Edie is the daughter of the British Actress of the Year 2018, Keira Knightley, and English musician Nicholas Righton. Both of her parents achieved great success in their careers. In this article, we will share some interesting facts related to Edie. So, stay with us until the end of this page.

Edie Knightley Righton: First Child of The Keira Knightley and Nicholas Righton

The child of the actress Keira Knightley and singer Nicholas Righton, Edie Knightley Righton, is the first daughter of the beautiful pair. Likewise, years after Edie, Keira and her beau welcomed their second child. 

Edie is the first child of the actress Keira Knightley and singer Nicholas Righton.

Keira Knightley and Nicholas Righton are the parents of Edie Knightley Righton.
Photo Source: Pinterest

Edie was born on May 25, 2015, and is under ten. Her family recently welcomed a new member, Delilah Knightley Righton. Delilah was born in September 2019. Though the couple welcomed their second child quietly, they revealed brief information about their young daughter after the Pirates of the Caribbean star, Keira, made a comeback in her career.

Edie Knightley Righton, Father James Righton Dedicated a Song For Her

It is natural for parents to love their children, and the English musician James Righton showed his care for Edie Knightley Righton with his new single song, "Edie."

The song "Edie" arrived after two previous singles, "Devil Is Loose" and "The Performer." According to The Line of Best Fit, Righton's new offering, Edie, is a beautiful song he wrote for his daughter when she was a baby. As she seemed so fragile and small, he wanted to let her know that everything would be ok, even though the world was so big and terrifying. 

Edie Knightley Righton Has a Wild Ambition of Being a Dentist and a Lion 

In one of the episodes of the Ellen Show, Keira Knightley talked about her daughter's, Edie Knightley Righton, ambitions. According to Keira, her daughter wanted to be a dentist when she grows up but is now focused on becoming a lion.

Keira Knightley and James Righton recently gave birth to new daughter.

The pair, Knightley and Righton, together gave birth to two daughters.
Photo Source: Daily Mail

While Edie told her mother, Knightley, about being a dentist, Keira was super happy because dentists have a stable career. 

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The British actress opened up about how her cutie, Righton, was motivated to pursue a dentistry profession. Keira got the idea from the dentist episode of the cartoon Peppa Pig.

However, the imagination of the young Edie didn't just stop there, as now she wanted to be a lion and practice her roar. 

Edie Knightley Righton Banned to Watch Cinderella and Little Mermaid

As we stated above, like most kids, Edie Knightley Righton's thoughts are also manipulated by different cartoons and animation videos she watched. Therefore, she is banned from watching several cartoons and animations right now.

Keira Knightley's Daughter  is banned from watching Cinderella and Little Mermaid.

Keira Knightley's Daughter is proscribed from watching Cinderella.
Photo Source: GettyImage.

According to The Guardian, Knightley was prohibited from watching Cinderella, a Disney-produced cartoon in 1950, and a live-action film in 2015. As Cinderella waits for a rich guy to rescue her, Keira doesn't want her child to gain the idea of relying on others in her life. Instead, Knightley wants her daughter to save herself from any problematic situation that she faces in the future. 

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In addition, Edie is also proscribed from watching The Little Mermaid, the 1989 animation where the mermaid gave up her voice for a man. 

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