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What is Elin Woods Net Worth in 2021? Here's the Complete Breakdown

Published Wed Jan 20 2021 By Bran
What is Elin Woods Net Worth in 2021? Here's the Complete Breakdown

Grab all the details about the net worth and finances of Elin Woods.

Being a celebrity wife ensures enough fame for them to become a popular figure themselves. Elin Maria Pernilla Nordegren, formerly known as Elin Woods, rose to prominence as the ex-wife of one of golf's all-time greats Tiger Woods

Her introduction wouldn't be limited to being the ex-wife of the PGA tour star as the 41-year-old initially used to work as a model and accomplished massive success in it. 

Elin Nordegren might no longer be married to her legendary sportsman husband Eldrick Tont Woods, aka Tiger Woods. The diva got a lot of attention when she tied the knot with the golfer who helped her to expand her fanbase. 

The romantic relationship not just helped her to widen her bank balance but even helped Elin possess a colossal net worth. So, today, we take you close to the details regarding her finances right here.

Elin Woods's Colossal Net Worth Details

Elin Woods caught on camera with ex-husband Tiger Woods.

Elin Woods and Tiger Woods parted ways with a divorce in 2010.
Photo Source: US Weekly

Elin Woods has absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to her financial situation as the ex-wife of a wealthy golfer, Tiger Woods, who happens to be one of the all-time greatest in the game. 

Getting into the numbers, he gathers a staggering net worth of $200 million as of January 2021, which helps her live a luxurious life. Such a massive figure in her bank balance helps her to fulfill all of her dreams that many people can't go due to financial obstacles.  

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The primary source of Elin Woods's whopping net worth has to be her split up with ex-husband Tiger Woods. The love birds were married for six years, from 2004 to 2010 and that romantic affair helped her to ensure a massive bank balance. 

Their marriage came to an end as the renowned golfer admitted to infidelity, which led them to part ways for divorce on 23 August 2010.

Elin Woods poses for a picture.

Elin Woods acquired $100 million from her divorce with Tiger Woods.
Photo Source: TMZ


Following the dramatic divorce settlement, Erin took no time to spend a big chunk of her finances. She used the $100 million from the agreement to purchase a luxurious house in Florida. 

Tiger Woods' ex-wife bought a mansion-like house in Florida for a staggering $12 million. Interestingly, the house was built way back in the 1920s, but after she made the purchase, she did demolish the structure and revamped the whole house. 

Elin Woods' Dated A Billionaire After Divorce With Woods

It sounds quite surprising to hear how Tiger Woods isn't the richest person Elin Woods was romantically involved with. Following her divorce from the Golf star, she dated Chris Cline, who happens to be a billionaire coal magnate

The two were involved in a romantic affair that lasted for six years until her wealthy boyfriend passed away in the most tragic ways possible, i.e., a helicopter accident in June 2021. 

Elin Woods caught on camera with her current partner Jordan Cameron.

Elin Woods recently gave birth to a child with Jordan Cameron.
Photo Source: The US Sun

Elin Woods did struggle a fair bit after the demise of her partner Chris Cline, but she moved on pretty quickly once she met former NFL sensation, Jordan Cameron

The two even welcomed a child together in October 2019. For Elin, it was her third child as she shared two kids with her ex-husband Tiger Woods.

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