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Elliott Anastasia Stephanopoulos: George Stephanopoulos' Daughter in the Spotlight

Published Wed Nov 29 2023 By Bsgurung
Elliott Anastasia Stephanopoulos: George Stephanopoulos' Daughter in the Spotlight

ABC News co-anchor George Stephanopoulos and actress Ali Wentworth share a blissful marriage, producing a daughter named Elliott Anastasia Stephanopoulos

Despite her parents' public careers, Elliott maintains a predominantly private life, occasionally featuring on their social media. The public is intrigued by her journey, as she carves out her notable presence alongside her accomplished family.

Is Elliott Anastasia Stephanopoulos Single or Dating Anyone? 

Elliott's current relationship status appears to be single, as she hasn't publicly disclosed any romantic involvement. Focused on her career, the celebrity offspring has not been linked to anyone romantically. 

Elliott Anastasia Stephanopoulos father
Image: Elliott Anastasia Stephanopoulos with her father, George Stephanopoulos. Source: People

While it's uncertain when or if she'll find a significant other, her current status is marked as single, emphasizing her dedication to professional pursuits.

Parents Wonderful Love Life

George Stephanopoulos and Ali Wentworth boast one of Hollywood's enduring relationships, marking nearly two decades of wedded bliss. Their love story began with a blind date in April 2001, leading to a swift engagement two months later and a joyous Greek Orthodox ceremony in November. 

Through career triumphs, health challenges, and family life, they've steadfastly supported each other. The couple, known for their shared humor, has openly shared their love story through interviews, books, and social media. 

Ali's unwavering support during George's 2020 COVID-19 diagnosis exemplifies their strong bond, portraying them as a couple deeply in love and enjoying life together.

How Many Siblings Does Elliott Anastasia Stephanopoulos Have? 

Elliott Anastasia Stephanopoulos has a younger sister, Harper Andrea Stephanopoulos, born on June 2, 2005, making her 16 years old. Both are the daughters of media industry celebrities George Stephanopoulos and Ali Wentworth. 

The sisters, Elliott and Harper, share a close bond evident in frequent appearances on their parents' social media. Their shared hobbies, interests, and achievements are showcased to their followers, reflecting a familial connection that extends beyond their famous parents.

Active in Entertainment

Elliott Anastasia Stephanopoulos, daughter of TV personality George Stephanopoulos and actress Ali Wentworth, is making waves at Brown University. Since September 2021, she's been the Industry Programming Coordinator for Fashion@Brown, moderating a virtual visit from model Brooke Shields

In 2022, Elliott took on roles at The Optic Magazine and Cinemates app. She's also delving into entertainment production at Brown University Motion Pictures. 

Prior experiences include freelance editing, HBO Max and Matador Content internships, and production assistant roles. Despite her achievements, Elliott's parents, George and Ali, maintain a strong family bond, raising her and her sister Harper in a $6.5 million NYC home.

Who Are Elliott Anastasia Stephanopoulos's Parents? 

George Stephanopoulos, born February 10, 1961, is a prominent American journalist, political commentator, and television host. Renowned for his tenure as a senior advisor to President Bill Clinton, Stephanopoulos transitioned to journalism, co-anchoring ABC News' "Good Morning America" and hosting "This Week." 

His insightful political analysis has made him a respected figure in the media. Mother, Ali Wentworth, born January 12, 1965, is an accomplished American actress, comedian, and author. 

Known for her roles in television and film, Wentworth has showcased her comedic talent on shows like "In Living Color" and through her books, offering humorous insights into her life. She's also recognized for her marriage to George Stephanopoulos.

Elliott Stephanopoulos Net Worth 

Elliott Stephanopoulos, a student, who lacks a publicly disclosed net worth, has yet to embark on a professional career. Hailing from a wealthy family, her father George Stephanopoulos, an ABC News anchor, boasts a net worth of $40 million, while her mother Ali Wentworth, a comedian and actress, is estimated at $8 million.

Elliott may inherit part of this wealth or forge her own financial path. Currently, her financial status is intertwined with her family's success, leaving her potential fortune uncertain as she navigates her future endeavors.

Take A Look Into Her Career

At 21, Elliott Anastasia Stephanopoulos, daughter of ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos and comedian Ali Wentworth, shines as both an emerging entertainment figure and philanthropist. 

Raised in the limelight, she launched Village Health Works at 16, showcasing her benevolence by providing healthcare.

Beyond philanthropy, Elliott channels her passion for entertainment as a 2023 producer at Brown University Motion Pictures, solidifying her multifaceted presence in both the creative and compassionate spheres.

She Graduated in 2021

Elliott Stephanopoulos, celebrated for her kindness, achieved a significant academic milestone with her high school graduation from The Spence School in 2021. Her mother, Ali Wentworth, proudly shared the moment on Instagram, highlighting Elliott's intelligence, empathy, and beauty. 

Elliott Anastasia Stephanopoulos siblings
Image: Elliott Anastasia Stephanopoulos with her parents and sister. Source: Broadway World

Embarking on her college journey at Brown University later that year, Elliott pursued Political Science, actively engaging in various campus activities and societies. Her parents, George Stephanopoulos and Ali continue to express pride in her multifaceted accomplishments, both academically and personally.

Body Measurement

Elliott Anastasia Stephanopoulos possesses a fair complexion, standing tall and lean in her teenage years. Her brown eyes complement her dark brown hair, contributing to her distinctive appearance.

How Old is Elliott Anastasia Stephanopoulos?

Born on September 9, 2002, Elliott Anastasia Stephanopoulos is a 21-year-old Virgo native of the United States as of 2023.

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