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Who is Emily Kucharczyk? Get All the Details Here

Published Wed Sep 29 2021 By shirayoky
Who is Emily Kucharczyk? Get All the Details Here

Let's learn to know the information regarding the Emily Kucharczyk

Emily Anne Kucharczyk is a fitness trainer. For almost three years, she was an instructor and critical leader with Lululemon Athletica in Baltimore before becoming a Pilates instructor with Equinox in 2019.

On  February 28, 1992, Emily Kucharczyk was born in Lansing, Michigan, to John and Sally Kucharczyk. While going through her timeline, many people are interested in her love life and life in childhood. Continue reading to know more.

Who is Emily Kucharczyk Dating?

Emily Kucharczyk is currently in a relationship with professional National football league player Ronnie Stanley. In 2012, Las Vegas vernacular Ronnie Stanley made his debut in Notre Dame during his freshman year. That same year, he met Kucharczyk while he was igniting his early career.

Emily Kucharczyk is currently in relationship with professional National football league player Ronnie Stanley.

Emily Kucharczyk is currently in a relationship with the National Football League player Ronnie Stanley.
Photo Source: Instagram

From that time to the present, she always supported him through his career milestones, and in 2016, the Baltimore Ravens handpicked him in NFL Draft. She relocated to and served in Baltimore while cheering Stanley's NFL career.

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After several months of Allison and Isaac Rochell's wedding, the family drafted another wedding plan. In July 2021, Stanley asked the question, Kucharczyk.
Kucharczyk and her family were happy and commemorative on social media, but even Isaac couldn't resist getting in a pleasantry. By congratulating them, the Colts player indistinctly warned his competitor to take good care of his sister-in-law.

While appearing on Allison's channel, Emily and her sisters cleared the most talked rumors that they're in a relationship with a pair of brothers. They confirmed their relationships with Stanley and Rochell in that specific video and acclaimed that the two Fighting Irish footballers became close friends with the help of Emily and Allison.

Kucharczyk is different from her sister's career path. She's a low-key person, and mainly thanks to her Facebook and Instagram, we can figure out that she has been dating Stanley since 2013.

Emily Kucharczyk's Early life and Education

In 2010, She temporarily read apparel and textiles at Central Michigan University. Same that year, she transferred to Michigan State University and obtained her BS in psychology and kinesiology in 2015. 

Emily Kucharczyk is a animal lover and is passionate about animal welfare.

Emily Kucharczyk is an animal lover and passionate about animal welfare.
Photo Source: Instagram

While growing as a teenager, she took a keen interest in physical therapy technicians and was a lifeguard at a local swim school. During her time in Michigan State, she was voluntarily active in several campus clubs, nursed children with special needs, and was a first-aid Trainer assessor.

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Even though Emily is continuing as a fitness trainer,  she's also passionate about animal welfare and showing her love for the animal in her Instagram account. Also, in August 2021, she entered a veterinary nursing program at Purdue University.

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