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Emma Stone Talks About Her New Movie Zombieland: Double Tap and Also Reveals More About Cruella de Vil

Published Fri Oct 11 2019 By Travis
Emma Stone Talks About Her New Movie Zombieland: Double Tap and Also Reveals More About Cruella de Vil

Emma Stone talked about her upcoming Zombieland sequel and a special project she is working on with Disney.

Emma Stone is an Academy Award-winning actress and someone who’s done everything from an indie romantic comedy to superhero movies. She is one of the most versatile actresses working today, from playing a struggling actress on 'La La Land' to becoming Peter Parker’s love interest in 'Amazing Spider-Man' series.

The actress even worked in a zombie movie while she was still on the come up. The movie 'Zombieland' turned into a cult classic and received critical acclaim which means they were always going to make a sequel for the movie, well, after 10 years the sequel is finally on its way.

Emma Stone at a red carpet event wearing a white dress with black spots.
Emma Stone talked about her new movie and also about her playing the character of Cruella.

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All of the leading characters from the first movie are coming back in the sequel and during the premiere of the movie ET caught up with the actress and they got into a chat with the actress. She explained her master plan of what to do when the zombie apocalypse starts for real and also dished on her new movie coming from Disney.

When asked about what she is going to do if the zombie apocalypse were to start right now and the actress gave a simple plan of getting on a boat and moving to an island. “[I'm running] to a boat to go to an island,” the Academy Award-winning actress said. “I feel like it wouldn't have spread to an island and I feel like zombies aren't great swimmers.”

Emma Stone looks out of a dark jeep.
Emma Stone was 20 years old when she appeared in the first Zombieland movie.

Source: Film Review Online

The plan seems sound in a vacuum but the actress probably did not see the Zack Snyder remake of 'Dawn of the Dead' and what happened to the boat people at the end of the movie. There is valid reasoning for people to run to an island considering the fact the dead are not going to be able to swim but then you will be enclosed in a small space with limited resources.

Still, the actress feels good about her idea and said she even pitched the idea to the makers of 'Zombieland.' “I was like, 'Why haven't we done that in the movie?” she explained about the joke to the filmmakers.

Watch: The trailer for the Zombieland sequel releasing 18 October 2019

Emma then talked about returning to the franchise and continuing the work from the first movie and how she felt returning to the franchise after a ten-year gap. “It was just such a blast. I was 20 [when we shot the first Zombieland], it was such a great time in life to get to meet all of these wonderful people and we've all stayed so tight ever since that it just-- it felt like hanging out with my buddies.”

Then the topic turned to the upcoming movie she is doing with the people over at Disney and what it means for the actress to play the character of 'Cruella de Vil.' She said, “It's pretty trippy. It's wild,” the actress explained about her getting cast in the movie 'Cruella,' playing a younger version of the character.

Cruella de Vil with three Dalmation dogs and her lackies in the background.
Emma Stone as Cruella de Vil in the upcoming movie Cruella from Disney.

Source: NBC News

The actress is following in the footstep of the great Glenn Close from the acclaimed 1996 movie ‘101 Dalmatians’ which is a tough act to follow. Emma talked about the actress and what it means to her to follow such a tall act, “I think she's obviously the GOAT but I also have just loved the cartoon for a really long time,” she said.

Explaining about the story of the new movie Emma said it is something which takes place before the Glenn Close movie and she said the story shows the rise of the character to the legend she becomes in the later part of the story.

Emma Stone and Cruella de Vil in a side by side image.
Cruella starring Emma Stone is currently set for a 2021 release date.

Source: Brit Asia

'Cruella' is a long way off in the movie calendar with the movie currently scheduled for a released in 2020 but you can catch the actress in the new movie 'Zombieland: Double Tap' when the movie finds its way to the theatre on 18 October 2019 before the Halloween celebration begins at the end of the month.

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