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Who is Eric Van Winkle Wife? Find Out About His Married Life

Published Fri Jan 01 2021 By Heisenberg
Who is Eric Van Winkle Wife? Find Out About His Married Life

Learn about the details of married life and the wife of the realtor associate Eric Van Winkle of Mammoth Realty Group.

Meet the realtor associate Eric Van Winkle. He's just your ordinary real estate agent, with the job of sale and purchase of buildings and land for his clients. But this ordinary realtor's got an extraordinary story to tell about his life.

Eric Van Winkle went through multiple ups and downs during his life journey. He overcame difficulties, learned from mistakes, and moved on with his life with experiences he gained on every step he took.

Eric Van Winkle never passed through obstacles in his life alone. His wife, family, and friends were always there, giving him all the support and love he needed. Eric credits his wife for making the biggest impact on his journey, who's been with him through thick and thin. So who is Eric's such a loving wife? Let's find out.

Who is Eric Van Winkle Wife?

So far, Eric Van Winkle's name is not known publicly. The real estate agent has not revealed the names of his family members. But he's talked a little about the details of his family members on the website of the company he works for, the Mammoth Realty Group.

Eric Van Winkle's wife riding a scooter.

Eric Van Winkle's wife riding a scooter.
Source: Eric Van Winkle Instagram

According to the mini-bio on the website, realtor Eric Van Winkle lives with his wife and four children. Among his children, Eric's three kids are already adults and independent, making their own way in life. And his youngest son is currently a student at the University of Nevada.

Eric Van Winkle was born and raised in Orange County, Southern California. He recalls his best childhood memories to be the visits to his grandparents in the Eastern Sierras, which is about 70 miles north of Mammoth.

Real estate agent Eric Van Winkle spent almost the entire part of his adult life in Southern California. Regarding his work life, he's spent the whole of his career serving others. 

'My entire working career has been about serving others,' he writes in his online bio. 'I have been a firefighter and engaged in some aspects of customer service for over 30 years. I worked in the grocery business, Nordstrom, fire departments, and ran my own business as an RV component sales representative.'

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Later his customer service skills proved to be very useful after he moved to Mammoth. And it helped him become a well-reputed realtor in the region.

Eric Van Winkle Moved to Mammoth After He Fell in Love With the Natural Beauty of the Place

Eric Van Winkle went to Mammoth for a weekend gateway during a point in his career with his wife and youngest son. As soon as he arrived at the place, he fell in love with the lakes and mountains there. Mammoth's natural beauty drew Eric in. His wife and son seemed to like it too. So, he decided to live and work there.

Eric Van Winkle moved to Mammoth after falling in love with the place.

Eric Van Winkle moved to Mammoth after falling in love with the place.
Source: Boarding Call

Eric Van Winkle and his family relocated to Mammoth three months after their trip there. Now, he's lived there for over ten years and has never even once regretted that he moved there. He and his family are delighted to have found such a beautiful and majestic place to live and work.

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Eric Van Winkle and his wife enjoy their life in Mammoth. During the fall, they love downhill and Nordic skiing. And in the summers, they engage themselves in RV camping, backpacking, hiking, and road biking. They never seem to have a bad day there; they just look up to the mountains and relax. They are indeed living quite a blissful life.

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