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Who is the Father of Evan Rachel Wood's Son? All Details on the Actress Relationships

Published Tue Jan 25 2022 By Tashipalmo
Who is the Father of Evan Rachel Wood's Son? All Details on the Actress Relationships

Inside actress Evan Rachel Wood's tumultuous personal life: Who is her son's father? 

Evan Rachel Wood ventured into acting as a kid with minor roles in American Gothic, Once and Again, until landing her breakthrough role at nine in Digging in China in 1997. The actress immediately got raving critical reviews and even a Golden-Globe nomination for her next film, Thirteen. Wood is also an acclaimed model and musician.  

Born on September 7, 1987, in Raleigh, North Carolina, Wood, 34, boasts a host of awards under her belt. Her recent credits include roles in Phoenix Rising and True Blood Mildred Pierce. While living a thriving career, Wood's personal life has been simultaneously affected by her tumultuous relationship with other halves. Wood is a mother of one and is currently single.  

Who is Evan Rachel Wood's son's father? 

The Whatever Works actress welcomed her only son, Jack Matfin Bell, 8, in July 2013. Jack is the product of her brief marriage with British actor Jamie Bell, who she dated in 2005 for a year and later reconciled to marry in October 2012, only to get estranged two years later in May 2014. The former couple had met at the Sundance Film Festival and were dating when they starred in Green Day's song Wake Me Up When September Ends.  

Evan Rachel Wood is an actress and a singer.
 Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell were dating when they starred as lovers in Green Day's song. 
Photo Source: Instagram

Rachel delivered her son at home and recalled it as a "psychedelic experience." I felt like I was hitting every corner of the room. Everything was vibrating," Wood revealed in her exclusive interview with People. Although the True Blood actress long split ways from her son's father, Wood considers Jamie the love of her life. The duo is in an amicable relationship and is on the same page regarding co-parenting their son. 

Bell, 36, is a native of Billingham. He is best known for playing the titular character in the 2000 British drama Billy Elliot, adapted from Dancer, which reminds us that Bell is also a learned dancer. He became one of the youngest awards winners, including a BAFTA and London Film Critic Award for his role as Billy Elliot. Bell shares a daughter with his current wife, actress Kate Mara, whom he married in 2017.  

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Evan Rachel Wood accused her ex-boyfriend of abusing her!   

Wood's on-and-off and seemingly toxic relationship with singer Marilyn Manson is once again the talk of the town. They first met at a party in 2006 at Los Angeles' famed Chateau Marmont. In February 2021, the Westworld actress first accused Manson of mistreating her when they were dating. "He started grooming me when I was a teenager and horrifically abused me for years. I was brainwashed and manipulated into submission," Wood had said in an Instagram post.   

Evan Rachel Wood accuses her ex-boyfriend of raping her.
 Wood claimed Manson raped her on the sets of his song 'Heart-Shaped Glasses.'
 Photo Source: Instagram

Wood's new documentary, Phoenix Rising – Part I: Don't Fall, premiered at Sundance Film Festival on Sunday, in which the actress has made some serious claims against her ex-fiance. Wood alleged that the rock musician raped her on the sets of his song Heart-Shaped Glasses; she was 19 at the time. 

The three Golden-Globe shared that the incident made her feel "disgusting and like I had done something shameful" and unable to defend herself. Wood and Manson met in 2006 when the rock musician was 38 and Wood was 18. Manson, whose real name is Brian Warner, has denied the accusations.   

Manson has vehemently denied all the accusations. 
Source: Rolling Stones

"Her imaginative retelling of the making of the 'Heart-Shaped Glasses' music video 15 years ago is the most brazen and easiest to disprove," Warner's lawyer, Howard King, said in a statement. However, the Westworld actress is not the single alleged victim who has spoken against the singer. After she publicly went against Manson, several women, including Game of Thrones's Esme Bianco, accused Manson of sexual abuse.  

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