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Evangeline Lilly Gave Birth To A Daughter With Her Partner! Learn about Husband and Partner of Evangeline

Published Thu Feb 16 2023 By Bsgurung
Evangeline Lilly Gave Birth To A Daughter With Her Partner! Learn about Husband and Partner of Evangeline

Evangeline Lilly is the dominant name in the world of acting. She is a Canadian author and actress who has a fan following all over the world. From her deeds, she has collected several awards and accolades. Some of her acting credits include Real Steel, Ant-Man, The Battle of the Five Armies, Avengers: Endgame, Lost, and so on. 

Evangeline has been in this entertainment industry for the past two decades. With her dedication and talents, she is still ruling the acting world. Currently, she is busy with her upcoming animated film, Legend of Destruction, where the actress gives her voice to Queen Berenice. Now, let's take a closer look at her life and find more amazing facts.

Evangeline Lilly Gave Birth To A Daughter With Her Partner

The bold and beautiful actress welcomed baby number two in 2015. She welcomes her second child with her longtime partner, Norman Kali. However, the pair hasn't yet revealed the beautiful child's name and kept it private. Despite being very possessive regarding their personal life, Evangeline leaked her baby bump. 

Evangeline Lilly gave birth to her second child daughter
Image: Canadian Actress, Evangeline Lilly, showing her baby bump at Ant-Man premiere. Source: Hello Magazine

Back in June 2015, during the premiere of Ant-Man in Los Angeles, she educated the world that she was pregnant with her second baby. Her look in a black and white outfit gathered a massive attraction in the world. In October, she welcomed her second son into the family. Regarding her second child's birth, she stated, 

“My first one, I was 30, now I’m 35. I’m much more tired this time. The last time I was off work, I had no children, I had a partner who was busy working 18 hours a day, so I had all day to meditate and love on my baby and just be pregnant.” 

Kali and Lilly welcomed their first child, Kahelkili, in 2011. As of now, the two kids are eleven and seven years old. Despite being busy parents, the duo has successfully managed to give quality care to their children. They often travel to various destinations with their loved ones during the weekend. 

Love Life of Evangeline Lilly and Norman Kali

Hawai Native Kali and Evangeline encounter one another on the set of the Popular American series Lost. At that particular show, the actress played the lead role of Kate Austen while her partner was set as a production assistant. 

Evangeline Lilly and her partner Norman Kali are parents of two kids
Image: Actress Evangeline Lilly, with her partner, Norman Kali, and child enjoying quality time together. Source: Daily Mail

Despite meeting early, they didn't start a romantic affair because the actress was dating another man. In 2007 after her break up, their relationship grew stronger and stronger.

In 2011 after rumors of their first child, their relationship came to light and gave a massive buzz in the industry. As of now the pair are currently residing in their Hawaii home with their two kids. 

Norman, a director, kept his career on hold to take off the children while Lilly gave hit after hit. The duo is now together for more than a decade. However, they haven't publicly stated anything about getting married. Maybe soon we can see them walk in the aisle together for sure. 

Lost Actress Evangeline Lilly is Divorced With Ex-Husband, Murray Hone

Talented and beautiful actress Evangeline Lilly often catches the limelight through her actions. Additionally, her personal life has been part of media attention on several occasions. Before having wonderful love life with her partner, Lilly was a married woman.

Evangeline met her ex-husband, Murray HOne, in the early 2000s. With so much love and understanding, they decided to take their relationship one step further. 

Evangeline Lilly and Her boyfriend, Norman Kali are together for a decade
Image: Actress Evangeline Lilly with her partner, director Norman Kali. Source: Instagram

In 2003 after dating for several years, they accepted one another as lifelong partners. There are no details regarding their wedding. After all, the former duo loved to keep it private. However, within a year, they parted ways and shocked the world.

In 2004, they officially divorced and walked in separate ways. Neither of the parties has broken the silence regarding the spill. 

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Why Lost Actors Evangeline Lilly and Dominic Monaghan Split?

Dominic Monaghan and Evangeline were popular pairs in the 2000s. They met one another for the very first time on the award-winning TV series Lost set. 

At that time, Dominic was already a successful star while Lilly searched for her first hit. The actress portrayed herself as Kate Austen, while Dominic played the character of Charlie Pace. 

Dominic Monaghan and Evangeline broke up in 2007
Image: Lost stars Dominic Monaghan and Evangeline Lilly dated for three years. Source: Getty Images

Soon after the first meeting on the set, they developed a sweet romance. Within a short time, they came very close to one another within a short time Theyand began dating. Their love life is loved and appreciated by all of their Lost fans and cast members. However, after three years of a beautiful love journey, they parted ways. 

The reason for their separation was Monnaghan's excessive partying and drinking habits of the actor. After the split, X-Men Origins: Wolverine star stated that it was one of his biggest heartbreak. 

Despite all of this, they are still good friends and on excellent terms with one another. In June 2008, they even traveled to Argentina to film the American version of CQC.

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Net Worth of Evangeline Lilly In 2023

Screen Actors Guild Award Winner actress is one of the most successful Canadian actresses. Her deeds have helped to amass a vast fortune. With her talents, Evangeline has become part of several blockbuster movies and films with considerable feedback. As of 2023, the Lost actress enjoys a net worth of $5 Million.

Evangeline gathered all of her fortunes through her incredible career. With two decades-long and beautiful jobs, Lilly is paid considerable remuneration for her appearance. 

In 2011 she starred movie Real Steel collected a total of $299.3 Million under a budget of $110 Million. Similarly, the actress involved film Avengers: Endgame made $2.799 BIllion under a the$400 million budget. 

Evangeline Lilly with her co-stars from Marvel
Image: Talented actress Evangeline Lilly with her co-stars from Avengers. Source: Instagram

Evangeline is now busy with two movies Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and Legend of Destruction, which have great expectations. Her estimated annual income is over $300,000 from her overall engagement. 

Apart from her acting world, the Canadian actress worked with companies like Karastan Carpets, Davidoff Coolwater Women, L'Oreal Paris, and many others. As of now, the talented actress is enjoying a lavish lifestyle in her multi-million homes in Hawaii.

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