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Everything We Know So Far About 'This Is Us' Season 4

Published Wed Jul 31 2019 By Travis
Everything We Know So Far About 'This Is Us' Season 4

The season 4 of This Is Us is coming, we are less than two months from the premiere date. Take a look at what we know so far!

Season three of This Is Us was heavy, and there were many questions relating to the show which caused fans to question every day when the announcement for the fourth season of the hit NBC show is coming. They were not going to cancel the show, but still, it was a scary wait, and it seems the wait is finally over as we are headed for season four.

This Is Us collage.
This Is Us is coming back for three more seasons. (Source: Tina Drakakis)

The teary-eyed fans finally got their wish, and the channel came out on 12th May as they announced the series would be renewed for a fourth season. That would’ve been enough to sate the fans’ thirst but oh no, there was more from the announcement, the channel said they are renewing the show for not only fourth but a fifth and sixth season all the way to the television season of 2020-2021. Everyone expected the show to be renewed considering the show is the highest-rated TV show currently airing but three seasons renewal was not something anyone was expecting.

In the announcement statements, Lisa Katz and Tracy Pakosta, who are the heads of scripted programs at NBC said;

In a television landscape with nearly 500 original scripted series, there are very few, if any, that have the critical and cultural impact of This Is Us, and we couldn't be more proud to bring fans three more seasons of a show that so well represents the NBC brand. A huge thank you and congratulations to our executive producers, cast, and crew who reach new heights every week with the show's inventive and compelling storytelling.

After the interview the premiere date for the show arrived, so season four will hit TV screens on 24 September at 9 pm on NBC. The creator and writer of the show, Dan Fogelman, couldn’t be more happy and excited from the news. He took to Twitter to share his happiness.

Be ready to have your questions answered and continue crying and also expect a lot of 'Rebecca' in season 4. She is most probably suffering from dementia, so people need to be ready to see more of Rebecca on the show.

Mandy Moore, who plays Rebecca, said, “I think it’s a big pull. I think in other aspects of her life, especially immediately post-Jack, the kids have just graduated from high school and potentially going off to college. It’s a big lonely road that she is sort of staring down the barrel of, but she always comes out on top.”

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The writers also talked about fans getting some more answers on the father of as it relates to Rebecca’s father.

Dan Fogelman also said the premiere episode is written and they are taking an ambitious step in the premiere of the fourth season. He also talked about expanding the universe and taking an exciting turn which they never tried before.

Dan Fogelman.
Dan Fogelman talked about exciting turns coming to the show in season four. (Source: Hollywood Reporter)

Dan also said he already shot some of the final episode of the series as he is sure where the series is headed which is what he said in 2012 before a single episode was even filmed. The show is a fan favorite, and people just can’t get enough of the 'Pearson' family so it will be amazing to see how they bring this story to a satisfactory end.

The creator said he wants to end the show after six seasons and the renewal by the channel of three seasons to bring the total to number one which the creator alluded to in the past. So, it is safe to say Dan is ready for the end, and he is working towards bringing people a satisfactory story and make sure they get a happy ending.

The planning is there, and all it needs now is a competent execution, so the story feels coherent, and fans can feel as though they watched a long show with a definite ending than so show which is just stuck in a loop.

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Season four is coming and then more seasons are coming, with only 54 episodes to go till the end which Fogelman is foreseeing, we cannot wait to jump into the series again. Fifty-five more days to go till the premiere and we are ready for it all.