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Facts about Model Jalicia Nightengale

Published Mon Dec 09 2019 By Travis
Facts about Model Jalicia Nightengale

They say “eyes are the window to your soul,” and there is so much emphasis put on someone’s eyes. But when it comes to Jalicia Nightengale, the eyes are the first thing you notice no matter how much you think about not looking at them. Blue eyes set on a beautiful dark face is something rarely seen, and this is the most striking feature of the model/actress from Barbados.

Jalicia Nightengale was born, Jalicia Hebson, to her parents in the 90s, she is currently 26 years old, and from a young age, the model/actress knew she was different than others. Her dark face combined with the wintery blue eyes was something which was going to dominate her entire career, but at the beginning of her life, she took the whole thing more like a curse than a blessing.

Now, the actress is a famous model who recently wowed the whole of Reddit with her amazing look, but it was a tough beginning for the model, shrouded in bullying. But she persevered through it all and learned to accept her different look. Here are a few facts you should know about Jalicia Nightengale.

It was Scary for Her Growing Up in Barbados

Jalicia Nightengale talked about her fear of growing as a unique kid in Barbados.
Jalicia Nightengale talked about her fear of growing as a unique kid in Barbados.

Source: Jalicia Nightengale Instagram

Jalicia was a dark skin kid growing up in Barbados, where she was the center of attention everywhere she went. The model/actress knew she was different, but her blue eyes not only drew attention, but they also made her vulnerable to undue obsession.

The model was a unicorn for the people living in Barbados, and Jalicia talked about how the people used to tap their friends when she walked down the street, people giving her side eyes and blatantly staring at her. 11-12-year-old Jalicia was terrified and used to hide behind her siblings when walking down the street. She was something akin to a freak, and it not only made her uncomfortable but also scared to live in Barbados.

She was Bullied in School

In a video interview, the actress talked about her first experience in middle school. The first time she got on the bus, all the kids were staring at her, and it was even worse when she entered the school gates for the first time. Everyone was frozen in their places, and she said it was “like slow motion,” where she was the only one moving at a normal place.

The school was also not easy after the first day, she used to be bullied by other girls when she was young, and at one point it got so bad, Jalicia decided she could not go to school anymore. She told her mother of her decision to not got to school, and for a whole term, Jalicia stayed at home.

Jalicia Moved to Switzerland at the Age of 18 Following Her Boyfriend

Jalicia moved to Switzerland to pursue her career in modeling.
Jalicia moved to Switzerland to pursue her career in modeling as well as following her boyfriend who got a job in the country.

Source: Instagram

Jalicia Nightengale was still in high school when she fell in love. Her boyfriend at the time got a job offer from a company in Switzerland, and he moved there soon after. Jalicia, not to be left behind, followed her boyfriend to Europe, where she hoped to start her career as a model.

The model started living in Switzerland and sent her headshots, multiple times, to 'America’s Next Top Model' equivalent show 'Swiss Fashion TV Model Search,' and she won the year of entering. There are multiple job offers soon after, and she moved to Paris to pursue her career further.

Jalicia Nightengale got Her Blue Eyes from Her Father

The natural blue eyes of Jalicia is due to the genes passed down from her father's side.
The natural blue eyes of Jalicia is due to the genes passed down from her father's side.

Source: Instagram

For those wondering, Jelicia Nightengale's eyes are totally real and natural; the amazing blue eyes feature was passed down from her father, and the feature runs deep in her family. Jelicia said her aunt also got a black and a blue eye, which she finds striking and beautiful, but she also stated her aunt always wears sunglasses so as to not freak people out.

Jalicia also said her father carries the recessive gene, which skips generations when showing up in the next of kin. She is not certain if her child will ever carry the same gene trait and get both blue eyes as she does.

Jalicia Appeared as a Amazonian Warrior in Justice League

Jalicia always wanted to be a model, but she also hoped to one day make appearances in movies. The model currently stays in London and Pinewood Studios in London is one of the most popular destinations for movie production for Hollywood.

The model decided she needed to try her hand in the acting business and auditioned to be one of the Amazonians in the 'Justice League' movie. She got a small part and even appeared on screen during the opening fight scene in Amazon, where Steppenwolf appears to take the mother box. The actress also appeared as an extra in a 'Star Wars' movie, but we are not certain which part or at what moment she appeared on the screen.

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