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Fans Are Not So Happy About Big Brother 2019's House

Published Thu Jun 27 2019 By Andrew
Fans Are Not So Happy About Big Brother 2019's House

Fans are quite dismayed by the new Big Brother 2019's house.

Big Brother is making its comeback through the 21st season and this year's rendition brings about a lot of changes. One of such changes is set to be the one where show's cast will be living in a summer camp-themed house. 

The change of the living setting is the talk of the town as of now. While the design of the grounds seemed to have please quite some Big Brother fans, others were quite dismayed by the setting.

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The individual who was majorly shaken by the season 21's digs took to Twitter and voiced their opinions. As a matter of fact, the actions came following the show's tweet that contained a few of the photos which home ahead of Tuesday night's premiere.

As the post showcases, the new Big Brother home comprises of a campfire gathering space in the kitchen, a backyard consisting of a medium-sized pool and log cabin-inspired bedroom decor also including tons of other amenities.

Despite the new abode of the show being packed with state of the art facilities, it failed to entice everyone. "This house is awful!" one fan maintained responding to the tweet. 

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Another took it upon himself to declare that the crib "looks like a prison." One person went a step further and referred to it as "the worst HOH room ever!" (HOH means Head of Household) 

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We are not quite certain what the fans had in mind but the new mansion seems quite extraordinary.